Carlos Correa (29, Minnesota Twins), who must have suffered more than anyone else in the off-season, announced his return by participating in an exhibition game.

Correa left Minnesota, his team, by declaring an opt-out with the big dream of becoming a free agent (free agent) jackpot in the offseason. He was expected to be called ‘a great free agent’, but his contract suffered.

The reason is none other than Corea’s physical condition. When he played in the minor leagues in 2014, his ankle fracture record was a problem, so he could not easily sign a contract. There were also two teams that only signed a contract agreement, such as the San Francisco Giants (459.1 billion won in 13 years) and New York Mets (413.2 billion won in 12 years), but both expressed disapproval of Corea’s medical record and broke down negotiations.

Correa’s first FA challenge, which was only a scar. Eventually, he turned around and signed a contract with Minnesota for a total of about 262.2 billion won for 6 years and continued his major league life.

Correa started as the second batter shortstop in an exhibition game against the Philadelphia Phillies held at Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers, Florida on the 2nd (Korean time). He was substituted in the middle of the game, going 1-for-2, including getting an infield hit from his first at-bat. Since it was an exhibition match, the focus was on Corea’s condition and sense of the game rather than performance. Fortunately, Correa played healthy and dismissed the rumors about his fitness that plagued him offseason.

Correa said in an interview with, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, after the game, “I feel good because I feel healthy.” It could be 40 or 45. He should enjoy every moment he spends on the ballpark.”

Correa started the season in earnest by participating in an exhibition game. Leaving behind the offseason that hurt his pride, he was determined to restore his performance and team honor, which he had known as a top-notch shortstop. 나르샤 토토 “Everyone trusts me, including the coaching staff, the power analysis part, and the players. I went from a team that lost 111 (with the Houston Astros) to winning the World Series. That’s what I want to do with this team.”

Finally, Correa said, “It was a good first exhibition match. Usually I miss or miss a lot of balls. Today (the 2nd) felt really good. It will probably be the best day of my first day of spring camp,” he smiled.

Correa enjoyed every moment at the baseball field and was determined to achieve good results. Like the saying that the ground hardens after rain, attention is focusing on whether Corea, who has gone through hardships, can become even stronger.

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