The best players who decorated Mungyeong gave their impressions of the competition.

On the 8th, the 2023 Mungyeong Football Festa ended in great success at Mungyeong Civic Stadium located in Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do. At the Mungyeong Football Festa, which was held from the 5th to this day, about 50 youth clubs in Korea participated and competed with their skills that had been honed.

At the 2023 Mungyeong Football Festa, hosted by the Mungyeong City Sports Association and <Best Eleven>, hosted by the Mungyeong City Football Association, and sponsored by Mungyeong City, MBC Dream Tree Football Foundation, and (foundation) Mungyeong City Commercial Activation Foundation, Haeoreum FC won the U-12 division, In the U-10 division, Cheongju FCK took the top spot.

The ace of Cheongju FCK, who occupied the U-10 division, was Do Hyun-seo. Do Hyun-seo showed off her presence by playing a big role in the final match against Daegu Lee Hyeong-sang FC. After the finale of the 2023 Mungyeong Football Festa, I had an interview with <Best Eleven>.

Do Hyun-seo said, “I was happy to play with my friends. I won big in the final, and it was thanks to my friends and I solved it. I’m really happy.” Subsequently, he also shared his impressions of the tournament in Mungyeong. Do Hyun-seo said, “I’ve been to Mungyeong before. The grass in the final was good. I think it’ll be okay if I come again next time and have a tournament.” Lastly, he said, “I want to say to my parents, ‘Thank you for coming with me.'”

In the U-12 division champion Haeoreum FC, it was Lim Woo-hyeok who was also selected as a distinguished player. Midfielder Lim Woo-hyeok showed his presence in the final by breaking through the net.

Lim Woo-hyuk said, “I lost once in the group stage against FC potential kids. So, it is true that I was nervous before this match. But the coach constantly shouted fighting, and since it is the final, we will fight even more to win the championship.” I was able to do it,” he said, expressing his feeling of becoming the champion. 안전놀이터

Then, he expressed his joy, saying, “When it comes to the feeling of becoming the best player, it’s not because I was the only one who received it. It’s the result that all the players sweated the same way. Thank you to the kids, and thank you to the coach. And I’m really good too.” did.

Regarding the feeling of experiencing the tournament in Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, he said, “I had never been to Mungyeong before. At the beginning of the tournament, it rained and it was a bit cold, but today it was a sunny day and Mungyeong was very pretty and warm.”

Lastly, Lim Woo-hyuk expressed his gratitude to everyone around him, saying, “I want to become a player who comes to mind when I think of Korea.” “I really love my mom, dad, and older brother. I hope everyone will pay a lot of attention to our team, Haeoreum FC.”

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