The price of one uniform exceeded 30 million won. The normal price is around 100,000 won, but it currently exceeds 20,000 pounds at an auction on one site.

The British Daily Star reported on the 14th that the price of Messi’s Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) first uniform continues to rise.

Messi, who lifted the championship cup at the last World Cup in Qatar, played a comeback wearing a PSG uniform for the first time this month.

The uniform top worn at that time was put up for auction, and the price is skyrocketing. It is said that the price is rising rapidly because 메이저놀이터 it has the symbolism of ‘the first uniform worn after winning the World Cup’.

Messi made his official comeback in the match against Angers on the 12th. He also scored the team’s second goal that day.

His jersey number 30 is engraved with various modifiers. It has GOAT engraved on one sleeve. It seems that Messi was probably engraved by his team because he was the MVP of the World Cup.

On the opposite sleeve, along with the name of the sponsor company, the word Champion engraved in a hexagon also stands out. Of course, it was engraved with the meaning that the team was the champion in 2022, the last season, but it is speculated that it also slightly included the meaning of winning the World Cup.

Since it is the Messi uniform that PSG has worked so hard on, it is speculated that it was collected after the game and posted on an auction site.

If you look at the description of this uniform, Messi’s personal information and when he wore it are explained in detail. Of course, since the club uploaded it, a certificate of authenticity is also given. As of 8 am on the 14th, the bidding for this uniform has exceeded 21,000 euros. exceeded 28 million won.

The reason why Paris Saint-Germain posted this Messi uniform on the auction site was that the sale proceeds would be used for a ‘project’ for the club’s continued development and growth. The auction will run until the 15th.

Meanwhile, Messi will become a free agent after this season. There have been reports that he is likely to renew his contract with PSG. It is reported that he will receive £30 million per season if he stays at PSG.

It is also said that he recently received an offer of 370 billion won from the Saudi Arabia League. This is 100 billion won more than Cristiano Ronaldo’s annual salary.

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