The Gator Rangers have been crowned champions of the Siheung tournament, the opening event of the Gatorade 5v5 Women’s Championship 2023.

The Ghetto Rangers is a unit team that was formed by a group of friends who usually play futsal on different teams to compete in the tournament. They named their team in honor of their tournament partner, Gatorade, and went on to win the title.

The Ghetto Rangers defeated the Wonder Teachers 3-0 in the Siheung Regional Final of the Gatorade 5v5 Women’s Championship 2023, Korea’s premier amateur women’s futsal tournament, at HM Futsal Park Siheung on Saturday. The Gator Rangers took home the trophy and $1 million in prize money. They also earned a ticket to the national championship on November 4.

The Ghetto Rangers literally won the title with a perfect record, scoring 32 goals and conceding none en route to the final. After scoring 19 goals in their three preliminary matches, the Ghetto Rangers continued their winning ways to the final. Their final opponent was FC Wunderteacher. Formed by a group of teachers, FC Wonderteacher is a powerhouse that has won many futsal tournaments in the past, but they couldn’t stop the Ghetto Rangers from rising to the occasion. Led by a hat trick from Kim Hyun-sun, the Ghetto Rangers defeated FC Wonder Teachers 3-0 to win the championship with a clean sweep. Kim was named the tournament MVP and top scorer (13 total goals).

“Before the tournament, we weren’t sure of winning, but we gained confidence as we played, and our strong organization was the foundation of our victory,” said Kim Hyun-sun, who was named the tournament MVP and top scorer. “We had different teams, but we had been practicing steadily, so we got along quickly. We had a particularly strong defense and goalkeeper, so we were able to keep a clean sheet. The fact that I was the top scorer was a team effort. In the championship, the goal is to win. Only the best teams from each region come to the championship, and we will show that Siheung is a strong team.”

FC Wondertitcher was the runner-up in Siheung for the second year in a row, earning $500,000 in prize money. The third-place Anyang Women’s Soccer Team took home 300,000 won each. A total of 32 adult teams and four middle school teams competed in the Siheung tournament. The adult teams played a pool league with eight groups of four teams and then a tournament to determine the winner. The girls’ competition, which was new this year, also featured four teams in a pool league, with Banks Middle School taking the honors for the first time. 카지노

The Gatorade 5v5 Women’s Tournament 2023 will kick off with the qualifiers in Siheung, followed by the Pyeongtaek tournament on Oct. 23, and then Seoul, Changwon (Oct. 7), Cheonan, Busan (Oct. 14), Jeonju, and Ulsan (Oct. 28). The tournament is organized by sports marketing company HNS, with Gatorade as a partner.

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