The largest number of Korean referees ever will participate in the Women’s World Cup to be held in July.

On the 9th, FIFA (International Football Federation) announced the list of referees for the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, including five Korean female referees.

Oh Hyeon-jeong (35), Kim Yu-jeong (34, senior referee), Kim Gyeong-min (43), Lee Seul-gi (43), and Park Mi-suk (40, assistant referee) were named as the five Korean referees who will be in charge of the Women’s World Cup match.

This is the first time that five Korean referees participate in the Women’s World Cup, where the world’s best referees are put in. Until now, 토토사이트 two referees were the most in one tournament.

This is the first time referee Oh Hyeon-jung has participated in a FIFA tournament since participating in the 2016 Women’s U17 World Cup. Following her 2017 Korea Football Association Women’s Referee of the Year Award, from 2019 she was named Women’s Special Referee for four consecutive years.

Kim Yoo-jung, the referee, participated in the Women’s U20 World Cup held in Costa Rica last year, and this is the first Women’s World Cup. In 2019, she received the Korea Football Association Female Referee of the Year Award, and last year she received attention as a referee for the final of the Algarve Cup, a highly prestigious women’s international friendly competition.

Assistant referee Kim Gyeong-min participates in the 5th consecutive Women’s World Cup since the 2007 tournament in China. Referee Kim Gyeong-min is the first domestic soccer player to participate in the World Cup five times, including male and female players, coaches, and referees, and is also used in professional soccer K-League 2 matches.

Assistant referee Lee Seul-gi will go out for the second time in a row following the 2019 World Cup in France. She is a veteran of seven appearances in FIFA competitions, including the Women’s U20 World Cup and U17 World Cup.

Assistant referee Park Mi-sook is currently working as a referee in Australia, and was the first to be named on the World Cup referee list. Last year she competed at the Costa Rica U20 World Cup and she also referees in men’s professional football in Australia.

Meanwhile, in terms of the number of judges by country participating in this World Cup, Korea tied for second place with Canada.

The United States has the most, with a total of 6, but the number of field referees (main and assistant referees) is the same as Korea, with 5, and an additional VAR referee is expected to participate.

Canada has 5 players like us, but there are 3 field referees, 4 from Australia, the host country, and 3 from Japan, a powerhouse in women’s soccer.

A total of 107 referees will participate in this Women’s World Cup, including 33 referees, 56 assistant referees and 18 VAR referees.

The referees will attend the referee seminar hosted by FIFA from the 30th to the 2nd to prepare for the tournament in earnest.

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