“I’m sorry for (Park) Cheol-woo…”

Park Chul-woo (38, KEPCO) is an ‘apposite spiker’ representing Korean volleyball in name and reality. In 2004, he was nominated by Hyundai Capital, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, KEPCO, and the national team as well.

Park Cheol-woo started to transform this season. The Hyundai Capital match was held at the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 5th. Park Cheol-woo was replaced in the third set. As a middle blocker, not as an apposite. Even after that, Park Cheol-woo stepped on the court as he was replaced as a mid-blocker.

KEPCO rose to 4th place by beating Hyundai Capital 3-1. At the beginning of the season, he fell into the bottom ranks as he lost 9 consecutive losses, but now he confidently joined the ranks of the spring volleyball competition.

After the game, KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min said, “I’m sorry for Park Cheol-woo,” while conveying his impressions of victory.

Director Kwon said, “I asked about changing to a middle blocker through an interview. Our team’s receiving is not good to go into the apogee. Jaedeok (Seo) has to receive (in the apogee). “(Park) Cheol-woo is a player with blocking ability. It’s been about two weeks since I practiced, but today I went in for the first time,” he explained.

It was not easy for the coach to ask for a position change from a player heading toward his 20th year. Director Kwon thanked him, saying, “I joined Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance from time to time, but he was a player who consistently played apposite. I was thinking of doing it after the season, but Cheol-woo said he could do it for the team.”

In the first game, I got a passing grade. Director Kwon said, “I think I’ll have to practice a lot of quick attacks,” while laughing, he said, “It wasn’t bad to follow the blocking.”

Teammates also expressed their gratitude to the oldest ‘sacrifice’. Seo Jae-deok said, “Cheol-woo hyung’s middle blocker movement is also helpful for us. 안전놀이터 If I receive when Tais can’t receive, there will be no negative attack. If Cheol-woo hyung even makes a light attack, he can save both guns, which is helpful for strategy. It works. The coach thought so too, and it’s a plus for us.”

Seo Jae-deok continued, “You may feel embarrassed as you enter the middle blocker, but as a senior, you try to help in any way, so we do our best. Thank you to Cheol-woo hyung. That part is helping the team. Each empty hole. It seems that a good performance comes out while filling up.”

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