A fantastic scene was created in the Daegu Samsung-NC match on the 2nd. The relay team expressed it as “art, not baseball.” 

Samsung Lions leadoff Kim Ji-chan scored an extra point with a spirited run. In preparation for the Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, China in September, he properly showed that he could succeed on the international stage in front of Hangzhou Asian Games national team coach Ryu Joong-il, who visited the Daegu Samsung Lions Park for a field trip. 

Samsung, leading 6-6, attacked in the bottom of the 6th inning. After one run, Kim Dong-yeop and Lee Jae-hyun’s consecutive hits provided opportunities for 1st and 3rd base. Kim Ji-chan pulled the slider on the second pitch against third pitcher Ha Jun-young, and the ball went straight to the second baseman. Lee Jae-hyeon was out on second base, but Kim Dong-yeop, a runner on third base, stepped on the groove and Kim Ji-chan reached first base ahead of the ball with his quick feet. 

Continued 2nd out 1st base. Koo Ja-wook hit a hit that fell between second baseman Park Min-woo and right fielder Park Kun-woo. First base runner Kim Ji-chan threw all his might into second base and then stormed toward third base. Kang Myung-gu, the third base running coach who opened the era of 100 stolen bases for the first time as a professional runner during his active career, turned his arm vigorously, and Kim Ji-chan dug into the home. 

It seemed highly likely that it would be out due to timing. Kim Ji-chan put his left arm back to avoid being tagged by catcher Park Se-hyuk and tagged the home base with his right arm. Referee Bae Byung-doo declared safe, and the NC bench requested a video review. However, the trial court was not overturned. 8-6. MB Sports Plus commentator Park Jae-hong said, “The ball arrived first, but it was a very clever slide.” 

In a post-game interview, Kim Ji-chan said, “I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard. I ran so hard that I forgot the hard times because the fans supported me.” Behind Kim Ji-chan’s success in rushing home, Kang Myung-gu’s third base running coach’s signature also played a role. He said, “The third base coach turned his arm, and I honestly didn’t think I would go home on that ball, but I just saw the coach’s sign and ran hard.”  메이저놀이터

In response to commentator Park Jae-hong’s compliment, “This is art,” Kim Ji-chan, who lowered himself by saying, “It doesn’t seem to be art, it seems like baseball,” said, “I don’t practice sliding separately. I was thinking about what to do when such a situation came, but luckily It led to results,” he said humbly.

On this day, Kim Ji-chan’s spirited baserunning play was reminiscent of Jung Geun-woo and Lee Yong-gyu, who played a major role in Team Korea’s victory with their fighting spirit and sense-perfect base running on the international stage in the past.

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