From the round of 16, a big match comparable to the final was completed. Ajou University and Yonsei University faced each other on the way to the quarterfinals of the Tongyeong University Spring University Football Federation.

On the 17th, the round of 22 of the 59th Spring University Football Federation Tongyeong was held at Sanyang Sports Park in Tongyeong, Gyeongnam.

Dongguk University, Jungwon University, Sunmoon University, Kyunghee University, Ajou University, and Gwangju University roared in the meeting that competed for the round of 16.

Ajou University defeated Honam University 6-2. Dongguk University, Jungwon University, Sunmoon University, and Kyunghee University defeated Dongwon Science University, Full Gospel Assembly, Jeonju Cheon University, and Gaya University 1-0, respectively. Gwangju University defeated Suseong University 2-0.

The outline of the round of 16 match in Tongyeong, which will be held on the 19th, has been revealed.

Soongsil University – Kwangwoon University, Dongguk University – Halla University, Daegu University of the Arts – Gwangju University, Kyonggi University – Jeonju University, Catholic Kwandong University – Jungwon University, Sunmoon University – Hannam University, Donga University – Kyunghee University, Ajou University – Yonsei University compete for the quarterfinals.

The round of 16 that draws the most attention is, of course, the match between Ajou University and Yonsei University.

Ajou University is one of the strong players showing the best trend recently, having lifted the championship cup in the Chugye University Football Federation last year.

Yonsei University is also a prestigious football school that maintains steady good results. In the group stage of this tournament, they are showing off their stable power by going straight to the round of 16 with three wins.

In the round of 22 of the Battle of Hansan held on the same day, Andong University of Science, Jeju International University, Sangji University, Cyber ​​University of Foreign Studies, Korea-Japan Presbyterian University, and Korea University announced their survival. 안전놀이터

Andong Science University defeated Myongji University 2-0 and Sangji University beat Cheongju University 4-2. Jeju International University, Cyber ​​University of Foreign Studies, Hanil Presbyterian University, and Korea University defeated Paichai University, Howon University, Gangdong University, and Konkuk University in the penalty shootout.

The round of 16 of the Battle of Hansan will also be held on the same day as Tongyeong. Hanyang University – Chosun University, Ulsan University – Jeju International University, Andong University of Science – Calvin University, Cyber ​​University of Foreign Studies – Dongeui University, Sungkyunkwan University – Sangji University, Chung-Ang University – Korea University, Hanil University – Dankook University, Yongin University – Hongik University will compete for the quarterfinal tickets.

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