Even after Liverpool won a 7-goal victory over rivals Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Man United), they were caught by Bournemouth at the bottom. Even the trusted Mohamed Salah penalty didn’t save Liverpool.

Liverpool suffered a 0-1 shock defeat to Bournemouth in the 27th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022/2023 season held at Dean Count, England on the 11th (Korean time). This result left Liverpool with only 42 points and was in 5th place.

This loss was a shock. With a 7-0 win over Manchester United in the last 26 rounds, hopes were saved for 4th place. Liverpool lost, however, and fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspur won 3-1 against Nottingham Forest on the same day. The gap between the two teams widened from 3 points to 6 points.

Liverpool could have an advantage by playing one game less. However, the fact that the score gap widened towards the end of the season is not good news. 베팅룸 토토

Salah could not prevent the team defeat with disgrace in the game that day. Salah failed to prevent his team from losing as he missed a penalty kick. This is the first penalty kick missed in the EPL career. It would be regrettable for Salah, who boasted 100% success.

Liverpool are not all defeats today. Later, Real Madrid and UEFA Champions League round of 16 second leg, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal will play against strong teams in succession. This is why Liverpool’s defeat this time is so painful.

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