Lionel Messi, the ‘god of football’ who apologized politely in a suit like a YouTuber, returned to his team’s Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) training ground.

PSG announced on the 8th through official SNS that Messi has returned to the club’s training ground. Wearing a white top, blue bottoms, and orange soccer boots, Messi was handling the ball with a rather dark expression.

Through the fence behind Messi, it was revealed that he practiced at the PSG training ground.

Previously, on the 6th, Messi apologized for the recent incident of leaving the training ground without permission through his SNS.

Taking a video in a suit, he explained the background of this incident, saying, “As always, I thought there would be a day off after the game. So I planned a trip, but I couldn’t cancel it.” did.

Messi continued, “I apologize to my colleagues.

The incident begins after PSG lost 1-3 to Lorient on the 1st.

PSG decided to conduct training instead of the originally scheduled break to improve the sluggish team situation, but Messi left the team in the process.

According to French media reports, Messi did not attend training without permission from the club and headed to Saudi Arabia.

The reason why Messi left the team and went to Saudi Arabia is because of his role as a public relations ambassador. Messi is also currently serving as a public relations ambassador for Saudi Arabia. As a result, during the scheduled break, he had to head to Saudi Arabia to digest his schedule.

There were reports that Messi had already canceled this schedule twice due to PSG’s dissuade, and this time he could no longer cancel it, but PSG was angry and enforced Messi’s disciplinary action anyway.

Eventually, on the 5th, PSG already imposed discipline on Messi, including a two-week ban on training and actual combat, and a suspension of salary payments for the same period. 

After the punishment, the situation escalated as PSG fans flocked to Messi’s house and held a condemnation rally. PSG fans also went to the home of Brazilian star Neymar, who is recovering from an injury, to protest.

Since then, Messi has apologized through social media, and the situation is in the process of being sutured. 스포츠토토

Initially, the French media predicted that PSG would not lift the disciplinary action, such as a two-week ban on training grounds and actual matches, although they were satisfied with Messi’s apology, but it seems that they allowed him to enter the training ground.

However, foreign media sees Messi as having crossed the river of no return with PSG due to this incident. Messi’s contract expires this summer. He is very likely to leave PSG.

Meanwhile, PSG won 3-1 without Messi in the away game against Troyes this morning.

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