Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Miami’s Luis Arajes went 2-for-4 with a double in Atlanta on Wednesday, raising his average to .389. He’s still within striking distance of reaching “4-for-4” territory, something that hasn’t happened in 82 years since Ted Williams in 1941.

It’s an elusive goal. But Araúez is having a season of his own. It’s also one for the history books in terms of being uncontested.

Second on the batting list is Atlanta’s Ronald Acuña Jr. Through three days, he’s batting .336. That’s great, but there’s a big gap between him and first-place Araes. Araes leads by 0.053. In no other season in history has the gap between the top two hitters been this wide. According to, the closest was in 1977, when Rod Curry led the league in batting at .388 and Dave Parker was second at .338, a difference of 0.05. 안전놀이터추천

In 1941, when Ted Williams hit .406, second-place Cecil Travis hit .359. That’s a 0.047 difference. The league average batting average that year was .261. So far this season, when Arajes is on pace to hit .400, the average is .248.

Araes has an adjusted batting average (AVG+) of 155. That’s based on a league average of 100. That’s 1.55 times better than the average hitter. According to, an AVG+ of 155 hasn’t been recorded since 1900.

“Araúez is facing fastballs reaching 160 miles per hour, changeups that disappear in front of him, and an offense that’s fresh off relievers,” said. While Ted Williams’ greatness cannot be underestimated, Arajes is facing a challenge in an equally harsh environment.

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