Busan I’Park will hold the club’s first open training day.

Busan announced on its official SNS channel, “We will hold an open training day on the 19th at 2:00 pm at the Busan I-Park Clubhouse.”

This Open Training Day is an event organized by the club with the purpose of allowing the team, which has prepared solidly for the season through winter training at home and abroad, to meet the fans closest before the league opens and strengthen their will together. 토토사이트

On this training day, the team trains in front of the fans for about an hour, and then has time to hear the greetings and resolutions of the new and transferred players, as well as the resolutions of the existing players, including the captains. There will also be a lottery for prized items for visiting fans.

The goal of this Open Training Day is to have time to take a group photo, high-five with the athletes, freely get autographs from the athletes, take pictures, and be with the athletes up close. Application for participation in the open training is available through the Google form, and participation is limited to the first 100 people. In addition, on the day of the event, you can directly check the real 2023 uniform, and you can also reserve the uniform and purchase season tickets.

An official from Busan said, “We wanted to provide a time for fans to interact with the team more freely, away from the standardized launch ceremony. We hope that the team and fans can have a fun and happy time ahead of the season.”

After meeting with fans through Open Training Day, Busan prepares for the league opening game against Cheonan City FC at Cheonan Sports Complex at 1:30 pm on March 1st.

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