How do the fans of the team feel when a home run ball is caught? Opponent beasts will be very mean.

However, on the 16th (Korean time) at Dodger Stadium, where the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs faced each other, opposing reactions came out over the same scene, drawing attention.

At the end of the second inning when the score was 0-0, Jason Hayward, the Dodgers’ seventh hitter with no out and first baseman, stepped into the left at-bat.

When Hayward hit a curve in the middle of the 80th mile on the 4th ball against Cubs starter Jameson Tyyon on the ball count 1B2S, he vigorously turned his bat and hit a big ball in the middle. Tyyon looked at the batted ball seriously with anxious eyes, probably anticipating a home run.

However, Cubs center fielder Cody Bellinger sprinted toward the fence, keeping an eye on the batted ball, then stretched his glove over the fence and picked up the ball that went over it. First base runner Miguel Vargas, who had stopped the start, hurriedly returned to base, and Tyyon sighed and thanked Bellezer with his glove.

But aren’t 52,375 Dodgers fans who filled Dodger Stadium applauding and cheering for Bellinger’s hobi? Bellinger responded with a bewildered expression and spread his arms to cheer the fans. I don’t know if it means thank you or absurd, but the expression on my face was full of laughter.

Bellinger is a former Dodgers franchise star player. He won National League Rookie of the Year in 2017 and MVP in 2019. After he fell into endless sluggishness after 2020 and couldn’t get out of it for three years until last year, the Dodgers team released him as a non-tenter in November of last year. He was no longer useful, so he was kicked out, saying that he was free to sign with another team.

Bellinger was in a position that he could not understand, but he reconciled with agent Scott Boras and changed his uniform with the Cubs on the condition of a one-year, $17.5 million, 2024 player option. A strategy to find myself this year or next year and hit the jackpot in the FA market.

This is the first time he visited Dodger Stadium after transferring. It can be said that the fans who have not forgotten him were enthusiastic about his wonderful defense that day.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, “That’s what he does, and he’s got hits.” In other words, the center field defense that made a reputation in the Dodgers did not go anywhere. 카지노사이트

On the first day of visiting Dodger Stadium, Bellinger recorded 1 hit in 4 at-bats, 1 run, and 1 hit in 3 at-bats, a walk that day. Game 3, which will be held at 5:10 am on the 17th, is the last game the Cubs will play at Dodger Stadium this year. Dodgers fans might send Bellinger even more passionate support.

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