It was a game that confirmed the DNA of reversal, but the need for more consistency in the slogan ‘high intensity’.

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, won the friendly match against Zambia at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 7th in a 5-2 come-from-behind victory thanks to Cho So-hyun and Lee Geum-min scoring two goals each and Park Eun-sun scoring the key goal.

Korea took the lead in the 25th minute with Cho So-hyun’s goal, but in the 38th minute and extra time in the first half, Kundananja Rachel and Banda Barbra conceded consecutive runs to give up the lead. 

Coach Bell put in Park Eun-sun in the second half, and Lee Geum-min scored consecutive goals in the 13th and 17th minutes, Cho So-hyun in the 39th minute, and Park Eun-sun in the 46th minute, and succeeded in a remarkable victory.

The ‘high-intensity’ game management emphasized by coach Bell was expressed in the early and second half of the first half. From the middle of the first half to the end of the first half, when Lim Seon-joo collapsed, the national team was greatly shaken. 

Active and proactive football utilizing the ‘strong stamina’, ‘fast and strong sprint’, and ‘stamina’ that Bell consistently emphasized right after taking office was well expressed, and he controlled the Zambian players with good physical and fast speed. 

Moreover, when Jo So-hyun returned to the national team after 9 months, the scene where she hit hard in midfield and cut off with a tackle was impressive.  안전놀이터

However, after Lim Seon-joo was injured, his performance was worrisome. First of all, while Lim Seon-joo was injured and was preparing for a replacement on the bench, a chaotic situation occurred in the box and Kundananja conceded a point.

Afterwards, coach Bell replaced the defender with midfielder Garam Chun and switched from the existing back 3 system to a back 4. There was a change in the defensive system, and there was confusion.

In particular, it was impressive to see Zambian players overcome physically when our opponent broke through the dribble, even if our players interfered with physical fights. Cho So-hyun, who is currently one of the best physically in the national team, did not budge even when bumped into. 

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