Chungnam Asan participated in sports job competency and sports ethics awareness training.

On the 9th, Chungnam Asan announced that it had participated in the 2023 job competency strengthening training for Asan City sports leaders and athletes held at the Smart Hall of the Asan City Youth Education and Culture Center. 

This training, hosted by Asan City, was designed to spread a culture of gender equality through training on the role of sports leaders and players and sports ethics to improve awareness of human rights and establish a sports culture that respects each other. On this day, about 160 sports leaders and athletes belonging to Asan City attended, including all professional athletes from Chungnam Asan and the secretariat, workplace sports team, Asan City Sports Association, and Asan City Disabled Sports Association.

The training lasted about 2 hours, starting with the theme of ‘posture and role’ of the Asan city physical education instructor, owner Park Kyung-gwi, Mayor of Asan. The spirit and sportsmanship of a true athlete compared to the spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, as well as the future of sports in Asan City, such as discovering sports gifted talent and expanding infrastructure, were also discussed. Afterwards, the education was concluded with content on sports ethics and human rights by Kwon Young-chul, director of the Korea Human Rights Research Institute. 안전놀이터

Jeon Hye-ja, CEO of the Chungnam Asan Professional Football Club, said, “I would like to thank the owner, Mayor Park Kyung-gwi, and city officials for providing the training space. I will work hard to show the citizens of Asan a better image with pride by re-engraving the spirit of Chungmugong.”

On the other hand, Chungnam Asan will face off against Gimpo FC in the 13th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ at 4:00 pm on Sunday the 14th at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex.

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