The deviant behavior of former KIA general manager Jang Jeong-seok, who puts self-interest first, is shaking the entire baseball world.

On the 29th, the KIA Tigers held a disciplinary committee and decided to dismiss Jang Jeong-seok, the general manager who caused controversy for his disrespectful behavior. The KIA club said, “After receiving a report last week that general manager Jang demanded money and valuables during negotiations with a certain player last week, we identified the facts. Under the judgment that it was not, Jang was referred to the disciplinary committee and the final dismissal was taken.”

It is known that former general manager Jang asked for back money while discussing the extension of the contract with Park Dong-won (LG Twins), who was about to go free agency last year. Former general manager Jang explained that it was a joke, but Park Dong-won received money demands at least twice and reported the transcript of the conversation to the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association (Athletes’ Association). After confirming this information, the KIA club decided to dismiss as the strongest punishment.

The ripple effect is too great to see this incident as just a personal deviation of former general manager Jang. Following the early elimination of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) and the allegation of sex crimes against minors by Seo Jun-won (former Lotte Giants), there was even a shocking incident in which the manager of a club demanded back money from a player. It also gave indelible wounds to baseball fans who were waiting for the opening.

The KIA club is also suffering severe damage. The season began with the position of general manager left vacant. When former general manager Jang was in office, he invested in infielder Kim Tae-jin, 1 billion won in cash, and the right to name in the second round of the rookie draft to recruit Park Dong-won, but in the end, it was only rented for half a year. In the process of FA negotiations, it is highly likely that Park Dong-won’s will to remain at KIA was weakened by former general manager Jang’s repeated requests for back money. Since the catcher position was evaluated as a chronic weakness, the damage is felt more.

The controversy caused by former general manager Jang is also affecting the players. Park Dong-won, who reported this incident, said that he had the courage to fear that other fellow players would suffer the same damage after thinking about it. From the moment he was asked for back money to the moment he revealed the truth, he must have suffered greatly. Even after revealing the facts, the fact that his name must be continuously mentioned can be a burden to Park Dong-won. 먹튀검증

KIA players are also heavily damaged. It is a situation where we have to prepare for the opening in a messy atmosphere. In addition, suspicions are pouring in about the free agency contracts and trades made during the tenure of former general manager Jang. The KIA club and the Athletes’ Association drew a line saying that there were no reports from players other than Park Dong-won, but the eyes of suspicion are not easily removed. In the past, the baseball world suffered a major measles when it was revealed that the Heroes club signed a back contract and exchanged money in the process of trade. In some ways, it is a natural result that concerns are pouring out that this incident was not a custom.

One person’s irresponsible behavior directly or indirectly caused great harm to the baseball world. Attention is focusing on whether the KBO League, which opened amidst a series of bad news, will be able to rectify the atmosphere and turn the fan heart.

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