Director Kim Do-wan talked about the effect of joining Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un (180cm, F), who made his debut through the 2006 WKBL New Player Selection, played an active role as a symbol of Bucheon HanawonQ. However, he left his parent Hana 1Q ahead of the 2017-2018 season and transferred to Asan Woori Bank.

Kim Jong-un, who transferred to Woori Bank, tasted the championship differently from the days of Hana 1Q and won the MVP of the championship match.

In his last season, he averaged only 8.3 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.4 assists in 25 minutes played. Looking at his performance alone, he has come down a lot compared to his prime. However, he proved his worth by demonstrating his leadership outside of the game. As a result, Woori Bank, which Kim Jong-un belongs to, achieved a unified victory.

Kim Jong-un, who obtained the FA qualification, received attention from his original team, Woori Bank, Incheon Shinhan Bank, and his parent team, Bucheon Hana 1Q. His final choice was Hana 1Q.

Kim Jong-un said, “The reason why I chose Hana 1Q was the great merit of being a team of my parents. And it would have been difficult if coach Kim Do-wan had just talked about winning a few games and advancing to the playoffs. But he told me that he was looking at the long term rather than the immediate performance,” he said, explaining the reason for his transfer to Hana 1Q. 

Also, “There are many young players in Hana 1Q. He wanted a veteran and a focal point to help young players grow. For me too, leaving a stable team and moving to another team was an adventure. Still, I wanted to make his last player career more meaningful. I thought it was more valuable to help my juniors.”

Hana 1 Q is the lowest team in the league with 6 wins and 24 losses last season. The team’s performance will not suddenly rise just because Kim Jong-un joined. Kim Jong-un and Hana 1Q are looking farther.

Then, how does Hana 1Q director Kim Do-wan view Kim Jong-un? Director Kim said, “(Kim) Jeong-eun has a lot of skills. Rather than any limited role on the court, I intend to give all I can do,” he explained how to use Kim Jong-un.

Last season, coach Kim often said, “Our team lacks veterans. (Yang) In-yeong and (Shin) Ji-hyeon hold the center, but there are already too many roles to play,” he complained about the lack of veterans. Kim Jong-un is a player who can solve these problems. 스포츠토토

Manager Kim said, “I wanted a veteran to join the team. There are many young players on the team. I hope those players don’t lose out in the battle with other team members. In particular, I hope to get a sense of stability on the court while playing with Jung Eun-i. Jung Eun-i can fully digest such a role,” he said, expressing expectations for veteran Kim Jong-un.

Can Hana 1Q’s young players grow further with veteran Kim Jong-un? This is a big reason why Hana 1Q wanted Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-un wanted Hana 1Q.

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