Ha Seung-jin and Jeon Tae-pung have spoken out about the Day One situation.토토사이트

On the 21st, a video titled “About the Day One Jumpers…” was posted on YouTube’s HASEUNGJIN channel. In it, Ha Seung-jin and Jeon Tae-pung commented on the Day One situation, which resulted in an unprecedented expulsion from the KBL. The duo served as official ambassadors for the Goyang Carrot last season.

Ha Seung-jin said, “At first, the club contacted us. They asked us to be ambassadors because they were starting a new team, so they appointed Ha Seung-jin and Jeon Tae-pung as ambassadors. They said they would give us an activity fee, although it wasn’t a big amount. It was good to meet fans at the basketball court outside of the ambassador activities. I didn’t do it for the money, so I thought I should donate,” he said, sharing how he became an ambassador.해외안전놀이터 추천

“I did it for a year to promote the popularity and development of Korean basketball more than money,” said Jeon Tae-pung. Especially (Ha) Seung-jin worked hard, and I think the fans will miss him.” He then asked Ha Seung-jin, “You didn’t get paid either?” to which Ha Seung-jin replied, “Yes,” revealing that the coaching staff, players, and secretariat were also not paid properly.

The organization, which was founded last year, soon ran into financial difficulties and was suspended from the KBL in January after failing to pay its players and breaking several promises. It’s a big blot on the history of Korean basketball.

“First of all, the problem is that Day One tried to run a basketball team in a weak financial situation. Furthermore, the KBL is definitely responsible. They gave him the green light to come in. I wonder if they had no choice but to approve it because Orion had already sold the team. And then there is also the responsibility of Mr. Heo Jae, who stepped forward during the process of the KBL approving Day One. I heard that Heo Jae was barely paid a salary. I heard that he bought a lot of meals for the players with his own money,” says Ha Seung-jin.

Jeon Tae-pung said, “When I heard the story, I thought, ‘We are all human. We are all human beings. We have to learn from our experiences. I think I learned a lot from the KBL, the teams, and especially Mr. Heo Jae, so I will never have such a failure in the future,” he said.

Despite the difficult situation, the team showed its strength by advancing to the quarterfinals of the playoffs. Fans even gave him the nickname ‘Touching Carot’. Currently, the KBL has resolved the issue of renting the Goyang Gymnasium so that the team can build up their bodies. It is also working to maintain the 10-team system through consultations with the city of Busan, which is active in attracting men’s professional basketball teams.

“The biggest victims are the players,” says Ha Seung-jin. They haven’t been paid for almost half a year, but I want to applaud them for playing for the fans and the league, and for making it to the quarterfinals of the playoffs. Me and my brother (ex-Typhoon Lee) have been ambassadors for Day One, but I also want to support the new club, and if there is a way, we will support them behind the scenes.”

“I’m a basketball person, and most of the subscribers on my channel are basketball fans. It’s even more heartbreaking because me and my brother Typhoon were ambassadors. I’m sure there will be criticism, but I think it’s necessary to talk about it,” he added.

Jeon Tae-pung added, “Korean basketball fans are in a tough situation, but I want you to be strong. It’s nothing now. If you support the Day One team, I think a happier and more enjoyable situation will come later.”

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