‘Eldest brother’ Lee Geun-ho is digesting his 20th winter training as a pro this year. Lee Geun-ho, who is said to have a positive mind even in the midst of a difficult process, is more interested in the development of his juniors.

From January 2nd to February 1st, Daegu conducted winter field training for about a month in Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. After completing the first battery training, Daegu will fly to Kagoshima, Japan on the 4th for the second battery training. <b11> met Lee Geun-ho at the 4th media camp of the 2023 K-League winter field training held at the Multipurpose Hall of the Namhae Social Welfare Center at 7:00 pm on February 1st.

Born in 1985, Lee Geun-ho is 37 years old and 39 years old in Korea. For him, who holds the highest position in the team, this off-season training is his 20th preseason as a pro.

Regarding his attitude toward winter training as the oldest, he said, “I seem to be watching with interest to see if there are new friends. Certainly, players these days have a lot of technically good friends. Pay attention to that part, and maybe it’s because they’re older. I think it’s very important whether you have a personality that can adapt to the professional world. I see a lot of things like whether there is a fighting spirit or greed. Looking at it, it’s really fun, and this year, it’s like (Kim) Young-joon of our team now. When I see friends like that, I look forward to it.”

When asked about tips for winter training, he said, “This is already the 20th winter training. Winter training is always difficult. I think the most important thing is to have a positive mind even in the midst of hard training. Coaches may not like it while training hard. “I always tell my juniors to take it positively because I feel like I’m getting better after doing it.”

How are the Daegu players’ resolutions for the new season after overcoming a difficult season? Lee Geun-ho said that he felt their strong will by looking at the physical condition of his juniors. “I feel that they came after a lot of preparation. The players personally did a lot of weight training and reinforcement training. I felt it right when I took off my clothes in the sauna after the first training session. ‘You’ve prepared your body a lot.’ And it was so hard, I don’t want to go through that situation again.”

Coach Choi Won-kwon, who leads Daegu, is the youngest coach in K-League 1 and K-League 2. The age gap with the oldest, Lee Geun-ho, is only 4 years, but Lee Geun-ho said, “I think I can communicate more because there is not much age difference. 안전놀이터 There are definitely parts that try to be considerate of the players. He has a mindset that he will listen to anything asked for in the part. Instead, he is a person who does not compromise on training. Rather, I see it as a very positive thing, “he said, actively supporting director Choi Won-kwon’s philosophy and teaching method.

A player in a similar situation to Lee Keun-ho is Yeom Ki-hun, playing coach of Suwon Samsung. It is also a relationship with Yeom Ki-hoon to represent the voices of juniors at the Korea Professional Football Players Association. When we brought up the story of veteran players’ ‘letting go’, Lee Keun-ho explained that it was a natural process, saying, “It seems inevitable.”

“My seniors must have felt that way when they saw us when we were young and when we did well. Putting it down doesn’t mean playing soccer really easily and comfortably. It’s about accepting it a little more positively from accepting it despite the fierceness. Maybe in the past, 90 minutes Instead of not being able to compete in that capacity, it is to prepare at any time and prepare to show for 10 or 15 minutes.”

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