2002 Korea-Japan World Cup Semifinals Legendary main striker, Korean Premier Leaguer, first Korean candidate for the Ballon d’Or (World’s Best Player Award). These are all titles that modify Seol Ki-hyeon (44).

Seol Ki-hyeon has many titles, but the most precious title to him is ‘Gyeongnam FC coach’. Coach Seol Ki-hyun, who took the first command tower in the pro league in 2020, has been leading the Gyeongnam team for four years. Coach Seol, who has kept his perseverance despite all kinds of hardships, says that 2023 is the right time for Gyeongnam football to shine.

Sports Korea met with coach Seol Ki-hyeon in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, where Gyeongnam FC’s second winter field training in preparation for the 2023 season was held to hear his thoughts on the past three years as the Gyeongnam command tower and this season.

Gyeongnam FC, nicknamed ‘Sol Soccer’, showed impressive attacking football that was not seen in the K-League. Director Seol and Gyeongnam’s dynamic companion has already reached its fourth year this year.

“In the early days of coaching, the football I wanted to play was not clearly decided. While I was in charge of Gyeongnam for three years, I organized a lot of worries about how to solve the score and go out. It is to maintain the ability to respond to whatever strategy comes out. If you meet a strong team, you will be a little more defensive, but it is important not to abandon the football that Gyeongnam has been playing. It is also great luck that the coach has been given a long time. . 메이저사이트 This year is the time to show the finished side.”

After Seol Ki-hyeon took over as head coach, Gyeongnam’s three years have been different each season. Gyeongnam, who finished 3rd in K League 2 (second division) in 2020, the first year of Seol’s first year as coach, scored a penalty kick goal in the second half of extra time against Suwon FC in second place in the K League 2 playoffs, where the top team is promoted to K League 1 in the event of a draw. It was unfortunately eliminated with a 1-1 draw. Gyeongnam immediately took a massive player reinforcement in 2021, but ended up in 6th place, leaving regret. The previous season, 2022, was a’year of hope’ when it rebounded and advanced to the playoffs even though it stagnated at the beginning of the season due to a large gap in injuries to key players.

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