“My goal is to win the Korean Tour this year” Ok Tae-hoon, who won his first Asian Tour championship last year, is aiming for a Korean Tour championship this year as well.

Ok Tae-hun had the best season last year since his debut. On the Korean Tour, he participated in 19 tournaments and passed 14 tournaments, including six top 10 finishes. He was ranked 11th in Genesis points and 18th in the Genesis prize money rankings. He also broke his own personal record for the most prize money (298.03 million won) in one season.

He also achieved his first victory in the Asian Tour International Series Korea. After his victory was confirmed, the image of him hugging his mother and crying out loud gave a great impression to golf fans for a while. 카지노사이트

Ok Tae-hoon said, “2022 was a really memorable year. Having the confidence that ‘I can do it’ is the biggest gain.” I also thank pros Kim Jong-pil and Kim Gyu-tae for helping me.”

However, his performance in the second half was disappointing. Ok Tae-hun entered the top 10 6 times in 11 competitions in the first half of last season and was considered a strong candidate for the Genesis Grand Prize. However, he failed to enter the top 10 even once in the eight tournaments he participated in in the second half.

Ok Tae-hoon said, “I suffered a back injury at the Shinhan Donghae Open. Due to the injury and the burden on my physical strength, my concentration dropped. The accuracy of my shots also decreased.” ‘s know-how was lacking,” he looked back.

Ok Tae-hoon is sweating in Thailand for the 2023 season. Ok Tae-hoon said, “I am focusing on training to increase the accuracy of driver shots. I will focus on developing my delicate short game skills.” lost.

At the same time, Ok Tae-hoon said, “I want to lift my first championship on the Korean Tour this year,” but also revealed his goal, “I will win two wins in Korea and one win on the overseas tour to achieve a total of three wins.”

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