Kiwoom Heroes Kim Hye-seong is the first player in the history of the KBO League to win the Golden Glove for shortstop and second baseman.

He won his first Golden Glove as a shortstop in the 2021 season. This award is given to the best shortstop in the league, considering both offense and defense. Previously, Kiwoom’s shortstop genealogy was at the ‘major league’ level. Following Kang Jung-ho, Kim Ha-seong followed as the successor, and after Kim Ha-seong left to challenge the major leagues, Kim Hye-seong continued the genealogy. However, the Golden Glove shortstop went back to second base. Last year, he played full-time as a second baseman and once again held the golden glove in his arms while contributing a lot to the team’s runner-up in the Korean Series. It is the first time in KBO league history that a player has won Golden Gloves as a shortstop and second baseman. It is all the more surprising considering that it is a change in position within a year. It is a position with clear expertise, but Kim Hye-sung achieved difficult results.

His salary was also raised by 100 million won. The contract for the 2023 season was completed at 420 million won, up 31.2% from 320 million won last year. Her annual salary of 400 million won is one of the highest in the team. The fact that the club is also giving high marks to Kim Hye-sung’s growth is revealed in her annual salary contract.

Kim Hye-seong, whom I met before leaving for the Arizona spring camp in the United States, smiled and said, “As my salary has risen, my sense of responsibility has also increased.” Regarding the re-conversion to the second baseman position last year, he himself evaluated that it was “not bad.” She added, “There weren’t many errors compared to the year before, 카지노 and the record coming out of the defense was good, so I think it wasn’t bad.”

When asked if he was greedy for the Golden Glove for three consecutive years, he laughed and said, “I’m lying if I said I wasn’t greedy.”

now the national team Kim Hye-sung proudly entered the WBC final entry. Of course, the main second baseman is likely to be played by Korean major leaguer Tommy Edman (St. Louis), but the fact that he can play together wearing a national team uniform with Byeong-ho Park (KT) Ha-seong Kim (San Diego) and Jung-hoo Lee, who is currently on the same team at Kiwoom. It is also an honor

Kim Hye-seong said, “I’m meeting again with Ha Sung-hyung and Byeong-ho, and if the moment comes when we can stand in the infield together at the WBC, I think it will be very new.” I think I will have to learn a lot while watching.”

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