Hannam University won its first championship at the Spring College Football Tournament.

Hannam University, led by coach Park Gyu-seon (42), faced Yonsei University 2-2 for 120 minutes in the first and second half of extra time in the 59th Spring University Football Federation Tongyeong final held at Sanyang Sports Park 3 in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 26th, and won after a penalty shoot-out. did. Hannam University lifted the championship trophy in the first final of the tournament. Yonsei University, which holds the record for the most championships (11), bowed its head at the threshold of winning.

The first goal came from Yonsei University. In the 10th minute of the second half, Yonsei University’s corner kick situation entangled the players of both teams. With players from both teams tangled up, Yonsei University defender Lee Seung-min caught the ball, turned around, and shot with his right foot to hit the net.

Hannam University did not back down either. Coach Park Gyu-sun energized the offense by replacing the forward striker. Luck followed. In the 35th minute of the second half, Hannam University’s corner kick was punched by Yonsei University goalkeeper Choi Kang-seo, but it became an own goal as it could not be knocked forward.

The match went into overtime. In the 13th minute of the second half of extra time, in a corner kick situation, Hannam University Kim Min-ki hit the post with a header. Striker Se-Woong Park rushed the ball that jumped out and pushed it back. Yonsei University turned the match to square one. Two minutes later, Lee Seung-min equalized with a right-footed shot from the door.

In the penalty shootout, Han Nam-dae laughed last. Both teams succeeded in kicking 3 side by side. The match was decided by the 4th kicker. Park Se-woong of Hannam University succeeded, but Lee Seung-min of Yonsei University failed. The last 5 kicker, Lee Ho-young of Hannam University, shook the net and confirmed the team’s victory.

Coach Park Gyu-seon, who won the freshman and sophomore college football tournament last year, has risen to the top for the second year in a row. Coach Park Kyu-sun, who met with reporters after the game, said, “As a coach, I have reached the final stage for two consecutive years. Considering what our players have been through so far, this is a natural result. The players played too hard. It is a natural result that players should enjoy.”

Coach Park Gyu-seon said, “After winning the junior competition last year, I became greedy to win the senior competition as well.” 먹튀검증 At Hannam University, several players stayed until the end and worked hard, and I wanted to motivate these players. It was a meaningful victory,” he said.

Hannam University takes the lead in the game with passwork through rear build-up. Regarding this, coach Park Gyu-sun promised a more advanced soccer. He said, “The opponent analyzed us a lot. He was actively applying pressure. So, I did a lot of passing drills aiming for the space behind the opponent. I supplemented the long pass during winter training, and it seems to have worked well.”

Coach Park Gyu-sun said, “I didn’t prepare for the penalty shootout at all. It was left to players in good condition. The results of trusting the players came out well,” he said. A lot of players who were injured in the summer are coming back. I will try to win the fall competition with better power.”

On the other hand, Dankook University defeated Jeju International University 3-2 in the final of the 59th Spring College Football Federation Match against Hansan, which ended on the 25th, and won the championship.

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