Manchester United manager Eric Tenhach vowed to revive the glory by imitating the ‘Ferguson spirit’.

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 8th (Korean time) that ‘Tenhach is following Ferguson’s blueprint to end Manchester United’s dark days’.

“Man United wasn’t very scary last season. They didn’t have a soul. I didn’t feel the dynamic force in the squad. I didn’t recover quickly mentally. 토토 I could feel it from the outside. “It was a very loose team,” he recalled.

Manchester United have not won the Premier League since the retirement of former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. 2013 is the last year. It’s already 10 years. Last season, it fell to 6th place. Man Utd have made an unprecedented selection of coach Tenhach for the rebuilding. Tenhach had no experience with a big club, but he succeeded in rebuilding the prestigious Ajax in the Netherlands.

“How did Manchester United become great? In my opinion, it’s the Ferguson spirit. The team led by Ferguson was solid. They were tight-knit and great mentally. They were invincible,” Tenhach said.

During Ferguson’s days, Manchester United always had a superstar who played the role of a mental support.

Tenhach said: “There were big players like Jaap Stam, Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand. There was always a strategist in midfield. Roy Keane, he’s the boss. Paul Scholes is the best midfielder. There’s also Ryan Giggs and David Beckham. .This is Manchester United. Right now, this is Manchester United’s weakness.”

Recently, Manchester United did not have a star player who could take on this kind of ‘brother’ role. Ahead of the 2021-2022 season, legend Cristiano Ronaldo was brought back, but it ended in a fiasco.

“When you sign a player, you look at not only skill but also mentality. That’s why the signing of Casemiro was so important. The Manchester United kit is heavy. Only real players who can play under great pressure survive here,” Tenhach said. . Casemiro is a central midfielder that Manchester United have picked up from Real Madrid this season. Roy Keane is a fighter that comes to mind.

“The players Manchester United buy must meet the highest standards,” Tenhach said.

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