LeBron James (Lakers) appeared at the stadium where a large number of high school prospects were invited. It was to watch over his son, Broney James.

Bronie James participated in the Nike Hoop Summit held at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, USA on the 9th (Korean time) and scored 11 points. He also contributed to his team’s 90-84 victory by making both free throws he won after rebounding at the end of the game.

The Nike Hoop Summit is a stage where high school elites are invited to showcase their skills, along with McDonald’s All-American and Jordan Classic. Jamal Murray (Denver) played in high school and was selected as the MVP.

Lebron James also visited the stadium thanks to the loss of his team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Lebron James sat in the stands with his wife and daughter watching their son, Broney James. Coach Steve Kerr also visited the stadium with Draymond Green and other key Golden State Warriors players.

Broney James missed both 3-pointers in the first half. With this in mind, Lebron James went to visit Broney James at halftime and left advice. In an interview with local media ‘ESPN’, LeBron James said, “Brony James knows where he can contribute to the team. He encouraged me to keep playing.”

LeBron James continued, “I want to emphasize this part as well. I always try to play with confidence. Even if he misses a few shots early in the game, he keeps his head up and plays the game. Bronie James came out with all the good parts and the parts that need to be supplemented today. It was a satisfying game,” he added.

Bronie James also looked back and said, “It was a good experience.” Bronie James, who showed off his skills in front of NBA officials, said, “I played against high-level players. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain experience with them.” 바카라사이트

Bronie James is a 190cm tall guard. Although he is short in height, shooting and game management are cited as strengths, and his defense is also evaluated as continuing to improve. He is about to go to college, and whether to participate in the 2024 draft is considered a concern. It’s because LeBron James has always said, “It’s my dream to play in the NBA with my son.”

Bronie James said: “I can show my defense at a higher level. he is a smart player I think I will be a good teammate to anyone because I have no greed for possession of the ball.”

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