The weakness of the Kia Tigers, who entered the 2023 Arizona Spring Camp, is the home. When free agent Park Dong-won moved to the LG Twins, he started camp without a catcher. Director Kim Jong-guk also admitted, “It’s a worrying part, and it can be seen as an Achilles heel.” Raising home power is the biggest goal of the camp. 

Four catchers, Han Seung-taek, Joo Hyo-sang, Shin Beom-soo, and Kim Seon-woo, are training hard. Coach Kim ordered, “If we lose, we will focus on hitting in the second half, but we will prioritize defense. We need to be good at ball distribution and defense. Young catchers should think of it as an opportunity and do well even in demonstration games.” 먹튀검증

At the same time, I did not forget the expectations and orders for the catchers. He ordered, “Seung-taek has a lot of experience. Hyo-sang has experience playing in the first team, but there is a gap of two years. He needs to improve his performance as much as possible in the camp.” 

“Beom-soo and Seon-woo also have potential. Seon-woo has good contact skills and defense. He is smarter than I thought. (Gangneung High School) He was the captain and won the championship. He will grow as he gains experience.”

Director Kim did not stop here and mentioned the fifth catcher. This is Han Junsu, who received the first nomination in 2018. He returned from active duty at the end of last year. Since he has a hiatus, he is training camp at District 2 in Hampyeong, not the Arizona camp.

He is 185 cm tall and has the physique of a reliable catcher. Since he was young, he was good at baseball and expected to grow from a pro to a catcher, but he did not shine at all. 6 hits in 20 at-bats (2 doubles) in 2019 is all he has of his first-team career. However, there is also an expectation that he will change after being discharged. 

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