On the 3rd, Mason Greenwood of Manchester United was dismissed by the court on all charges, including assault surrounding him.

In January of last year, Manchester police revealed the fact of Greenwood’s arrest, saying, “We launched an investigation after recognizing videos and photos posted on social media by a woman who reported the assault.”

Greenwood was investigated while in custody and released on bail. The incident that had filled his shackles for a year had become unprecedented.

A senior and legend of Manchester United clicked ‘Like’ on social media to inform this fact, and then apologized after being criticized by fans.

The Sun reported on the 4th that Manchester United legend Gary Neville deleted a tweet about Greenwood and apologized after clicking ‘Like’.

Neville retweeted and liked the tweet about Greenwood’s innocence. He seems to have inadvertently liked it, probably because he was cleared of assault charges as a senior Manchester United player.

“All we need to know about Greenwood is he is innocent,” Afzal tweeted. “You are innocent until proven guilty.”

He continued, “We are not judged by the media. There is no evidence that the witness lied. We do not blame the victims or the accusers,” he added.

Neville clicked ‘Like’ on this post, but general fans had different thoughts. caused great outrage.

A stunned Neville quickly removed the link to the post before issuing an apology. However, it was after netizens had already spread it. 카지노

In an apology letter, he said, “I liked the tweet related to the Greenwood News this afternoon,” and added, “I misinterpreted ‘like’. I clearly condemn violence against any woman.”

Meanwhile, after the charges were dropped, Greenwood said, “I am relieved that this matter is now over and I want to thank my family, loved ones and friends for their support.”

The club also said, “We note that all charges against Mason Greenwood have been dropped. The club will now conduct its own process before determining next steps.”

It was an incident that had a big impact, so Man Utd said they would watch a little more without participating in Greenwood training. Greenwood’s exit is also said to be under consideration.

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