“I want to go in the summer.”

Yang Hyun-joon (21-Gangwon FC) has made a firm statement regarding his rumored move to Celtic (Scotland). He wants to go straight through the transfer market this summer, not this winter. Yang said he was “cautious about saying anything,” but he has expressed his desire to move to Celtic several times.

“It’s every player’s dream to go to Europe,” he told reporters after the match against Suwon FC at Suwon Sports Complex on May 25. The team is in a difficult situation, but I want to challenge Europe, and I told the CEO, general manager, and coach, 메이저사이트 ‘I want to go because it’s not an easy opportunity,'” he said. This is the first time Yang Hyun-joon has spoken directly about the Celtic transfer rumors.

Celtic, Oh’s club and the team that won the Scottish Domestic Treble last season, recently sent an official letter to Gangwon to sign Yang Hyun-jun. Gangwon made their intentions clear. The return point is that they cannot afford to let their ace leave as they are currently in the relegation zone in 11th place (2W, 7D, 10L, 13P). Even if they let him go after the season, the club’s policy is that they can’t let him go, at least not right now.

“It’s easier to adapt in the summer,” Yang said after a long pause. “Last year, I stayed in Gangwon even when an offer came from the United States. At that time, the club said, ‘If you get an offer from Europe, we will let you go, and we will actively help you’. Now I have a good offer, so I want to go,” he said encouragingly.

However, Gangwon is not in a position to open the transfer door easily. He has only one goal and one assist this season, which is in line with the team’s overall struggles, but he is a key part of the attack that scored eight goals and four assists last season. He has played in all but one game this season due to injury. New head coach Yoon Jung-hwan also started Yang Hyun-joon in his debut as head coach.

The loss of the ace is crucial for Gangwon, who are desperate for a rebound after recently firing coach Choi Yong-soo. The team’s CEO and manager have both changed since last year, so there’s no one to honor their verbal promise to Yang Hyun-joon. The team is trying to appease Yang by saying they will let him go in the winter.

Kangwon and Yang are under contract until 2025. Yang can’t go to Celtic if Gangwon doesn’t want him to. CEO Lee Young-pyo, who promised to bring Yang to Gangwon in 2021 and help the club reach Europe last year, is no longer at the club.

When asked what he would do if the transfer fell through, Yang said, “Then I have to do my best with Gangwon. It’s a professional mindset to do your best for the fans and for the team.” However, he added, “My desire to go will not change. I still have a desire to go,” he said, expressing his eagerness to transfer. All eyes are now on Gangwon’s ‘final decision’.

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