Jeonbuk Hyundai’s new striker Park Jae-yong had a successful debut.

Park scored the opening goal in the 14th minute of the 25th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2023 against Incheon United at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on June 6, leading Jeonbuk to a 2-0 victory.

Park joined Jeonbuk from FC Anyang in the summer transfer window. He was picked up to fill the void left by Cho Kyu-sung’s move to Danish side Midtjylland. The 6-foot-5 Park, who has been dubbed the “post-Jo Kyu-sung” because he looks like a former Anyang youth player, made his debut in the match.

Before the game, coach Dan Petrescu said, “It’s hard to evaluate him because he has only trained for about ten days, but he did well against PSG. His delivery, ball-keeping, and other aspects were good. I’m expecting more of the same today,” he said of Park, who played well in the Coupang Play Series against PSG in midweek.

Taking over the No. 10 jersey from Cho Kyu-sung, Park was faced with a new variable: heavy rain. As kickoff time approached, heavy rain suddenly began to fall at Jeonju World Cup Stadium. There was so much water on the field that the ball couldn’t roll properly. It was a difficult environment for the players to play in.

Park Jae-yong, a striker, showed his instincts in a situation where he could barely keep his eyes open. In the 14th minute of the first half, a shot by Han Gyo-won from inside the penalty box deflected and found Park diagonally in front of the goal. Park trapped the fast-rolling ball with his right foot and immediately fired a right-footed shot, which went straight into the back of the net.

Park continued to contribute behind the scenes, battling with quality opposing center backs like Oh and Delbridge up front. In fact, Park distracted the opposing center backs in the box when Jung Woo-jae sent in a cross from the left in the 44th minute. This allowed Han Kyowon to move relatively freely and connect with the header.

Park Jae-yong had only played in the K League 2 before joining Jeonbuk, so his arrival was met with more suspicion than expectation. Although he wore the Korean flag for the Asian Games, there were question marks over his ability to prove himself in K League 1. Although he has only played his first game, Park Jae-yong has already proven his potential with a successful debut. Considering it was his first game in the K League 1, it was enough to give him a passing grade. 먹튀검증

Park was replaced by Gustavo in the 36th minute and headed to the bench. The 10,000 fans in Jeonju, who had gathered in bad weather, applauded Park.

With the three points, Jeonbuk now has 40 points and is in third place, ahead of FC Seoul (38 points).

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