In a side-by-side goal feast, Incheon National University and Kwangwoon University earned their first victories of the Baekdu Daeganggi.

Incheon National University defeated Gunjang University 10-1 in the second match of Group 4 of the 59th Autumn Intercollegiate Football Championship between Gunjang University and Kwangwoon University at Hwangjijung Stadium in Taebaek, Gangwon Province, on Wednesday. After scoring four goals in the first half, Incheon National University scored six goals in the second half. Incheon, which was able to keep a clean sheet, conceded a penalty kick goal just before the end of the second half.

On the same day, Kwangwoon University, coached by Oh Seon-jin, won 9-0 against Kyungmin University. Both Incheon National University and Kwangwoon University, who both lost their first round matches, raised their game with big wins in the second round. Jeju International University, Soongsil University, Gwangju National University, Dongwon National University, Kangseo University, Jeonju National University, Daegu National University of Arts, Kyung Hee University, and Sangji University, which won their first matches, won two consecutive matches. 꽁머니

Baekdu Daeganggi 59th Autumn University Football Championship Qualification Day 1

Jeju International University 2-1 Daekyung University
Gimcheon University 1-1 Youngnam University
Soongsil University 1-0 Widok University
Ulsan National University 4-0 Dongwon University
Dongwon University 1-0 Jeonju National University
Yongin University 0-1 Kangseo University
Kwangwoon University 9-0 Kyungmin University
Hanil Jangshin University 2-1 Kaya University
Jeonju 7-0 Chosun University of Science and Technology
Jangan University 3-1 Dongwon University
Daegu National University of Arts 4-0 Donggang University
Shinsung University 1-0 Yonseong University
Myongji 7-0 Korea Golf University
Incheon National University 10-1 Gunjang University
Kyung Hee University 4-0 Hankuk International University
Baejae University 4-0 Seoul National University
Chung-Ang University 6-0 Chonnam National University of Science
Kwangju University 2-1 Sehan University
Konkuk University 6-0 Kangdong University
Sangji University 4-2 Catholic Kanto
Daejeon National University 4-1 Nambu University

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