The prosecution, requested by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), has launched an investigation into the suspicion of asking for back money from former KIA Tigers general manager Jeong-seok Jang.

According to the legal community on the 10th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office recently assigned the case against former chief Jang Jeong-seok to the Major Crimes Investigation Department (Chief Prosecutor Cho Kwang-hwan).

Former general manager Jang is suspected of repeatedly asking for back money during contract negotiations with Park Dong-won (now LG Twins), who belonged to KIA last year. Park Dong-won recorded the conversation in 토토사이트 response to the continued demand for money and reported the data to the KIA club and the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association (Athletes Association).

The KIA club opened a disciplinary committee after conducting its own investigation. In the club’s fact-finding investigation, former general manager Jang is known to have explained that the remark was a joke, but the club said, “We cannot tolerate the wrong behavior of asking for money in the process of negotiating with our players for any reason, regardless of the factual relationship.” The former general manager was officially dismissed.On the other hand, KBO reviewed the case report and related data received from the KIA club and requested an investigation to the prosecution on the 5th. The KBO also requested the prosecution on the same day to report illegal gambling by league players received at the Clean Baseball Center.

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