‘Eldest brother, vice-captain, number one’. These are the roles given to Da-sol Kim, who has to lead the Jeonnam Dragons. It may feel like a burden, but Kim Da-sol is preparing for the new season step by step while concentrating on 바카라 her duties.

The goalkeeper is a position where he has to command his fellow players on the ground from a distance while watching them. ‘Width 7.32m-Length 2.44m’ It is the last bastion where you have to throw your whole body to block shots that you don’t know when and how to fly while guarding the goal. It is a position with a lot of burden and a lot of pressure to overcome.

Kim Da-sol, who is celebrating his second year as a member of Jeonnam, plans to take on the role of ‘eldest brother’ and ‘number one’ at the same time in the new season. After his retirement, Choi Hyo-jin, who joined the coaching staff, as well as veterans such as Kim Byeong-oh and Lee Jong-ho, must fill the vacancy left. Jeonnam appointed Kim Hyeon-wook as the captain and Kim Da-sol as the vice-captain, giving them a bridge role.

Following Park Jun-hyeok, who left the team this winter, he inherited the number one spot. Last year, Kim Da-sol played 22 matches in the K-League 2 and FA Cup, recording 10 clean sheets, leaving a decent record. This year, Jeonnam is also facing the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL), so Kim Da-sol, who has been on the K-League stage for a long time, desperately needs to save.

Kim Da-sol, who is about to enter the 13th season of his professional debut, is facing a great challenge with Jeonnam. Kim Da-sol, who is sweating while doing battery training in Gwangyang, visited Namhae to attend the media camp. ‘Inter Football’ asked Da-Sol Kim, who is having a thrilling yet tense day, asking questions.

Q. This is your second season since joining Jeonnam. How would you rate your performance last year?

“I want to give 50 points. There are parts I was satisfied with, but there are parts where I couldn’t adjust my condition and play the way I wanted because (Park) Jun-hyeok played alternately with my brother. I couldn’t do it, but I tried a lot to help the team behind the scenes. This year, Junhyeok doesn’t have an older brother, so I think I have to take on more responsibility.”

Q. You took on the role of vice-captain after 2 years of joining the team. If you want to point out the reason for the appointment yourself?

“Looking at the team as a whole, there are a lot of young players and middle and old players. As a senior, I think there is a part that needs to be led from the back. 바카라 You seem to have trusted me.”

Q. Along with Lee Seok-hyeon and Choi Ho-jeong, you became the best team member. Your co-workers have changed a lot compared to last year. What do you feel?

“I don’t necessarily think that the captain or vice-captain should lead the team. Even if he wasn’t the vice-captain, he is the most senior member of the team, so there must be some parts where he needs to help (Kim) Hyun-wook. Because it is clearly there.”

“There are so-called young and young players coming up a lot. That said, there are roles that allow seniors to approach first and talk and melt into it without being like a ‘old man’. .At that time, the hierarchy was stricter, but even then, the seniors approached me first and talked to me. So, even if I am not a vice-captain, I think I have a role to play as a senior officer.”

Q. Last year, you coexisted with your senior, Park Joon-hyuk. Starting this year, he will be with his junior, colleague, and competitor Lim Min-hyuk and Luncheon Sik. Do you have any resolutions or goals?

“I talk to juniors, but I think there are definitely advantages of young players. Through goodwill competition, we teach as much as we can and receive feedback on what we can learn.”

“I want to pick a full game appearance as my goal this year. I’m in my 13th year as a pro, but I played the most games during my time at Suwon FC. I think this year will be the most important season in my career as the ACL is also ahead.”

Q. It’s been a while since I participated in the ACL. As the number one, what are the things you focus on?
“While playing soccer, I always watched and learned from number 2 and number 3, not number one. I think I still feel the same way. I don’t want to fall behind in the competition. (Laughs)”

Q. As a soccer player, what kind of goalkeeper would you like to be remembered for?
“This is the part I’m thinking about a lot (laughs). A lot has happened since I’m on my 13th year. The biggest thing is that I want to finish well with a slightly better image. I want to be remembered as a player that can be protected. I want to be remembered as a good player by fans.”

Q. Lastly, is there any message you want to convey to Jeonnam fans?
“We couldn’t achieve the promotion we wanted last year, but I think we gave a good gift with the kind of mirage of winning the FA Cup.

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