“I grew and matured the most through my military service. I will combine not only my skills but also my sincerity.”

Kim Cheon Sangmu Professional Soccer Team won 2-0 in an away game against 6R Cheonan City FC in the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Cheonan Sports Complex on the 8th. On this day, captain Lee Young-jae started and achieved his 200th individual professional career.

After the game, Lee Young-jae said, “I played every game, so I came up to 200 games. Even after playing 200 games, he still lacks a lot. I want to grow further with 200 games as a stepping stone and play until 300 or 400 games,” he said.

□ Participated in 200 K-League games in 8 years

Lee Young-jae, who made his professional debut by joining Ulsan Hyundai in 2015, reached 100 professional games with Gangwon FC in 2019 after working in Busan and Gyeongnam. Lee Young-jae, who achieved 100 professional matches 5 years after his debut, played 23, 30, and 37 matches for Gangwon FC in the 2020 season, Suwon FC in the 2021 season, and Sangmu Gimcheon in the 2022 season, respectively, completing the title of 200 professional matches. made it

Lee Young-jae said, “Every game up to the 200th was precious. In the future, I plan to play while thinking of Gyeonggi-do as more precious. I will always go to the game with a grateful heart.”

“I went through many teams from Ulsan, Busan (on loan), Gyeongnam, Gangwon, Suwon FC, and even Gimcheon. I was able to play in 200 games because all the coaches helped me to play in the game. Thank you to all the teams that have gone through so far.”

Lee Young-jae finished the season at Suwon FC in 2021 and enlisted at the end of December as managing director Kim Cheon. After more than a year of shared joy and sorrow with only four classmates, including Kang Yun-seong, Kwon Chang-hoon, and Kim Ji-hyun, he has now been reborn as the most senior.

Lee Young-jae, who is about to be discharged at the end of June, said, “My military life has become the time for me to personally grow and mature the most. He thought it was important to do well unconditionally in the pro. He seems to have forgotten the importance of hard work a bit. However, as he increased his momentum in the army and worked diligently, the parts that were personally regrettable were resolved to some extent. He said, “I think the ups and downs of the game have decreased.”

He continued, “It’s obvious, but I desperately felt that in the professional world, you have to be really sincere to survive. In the future, I will continue to increase the amount of exercise and work hard to do well.”

□ ‘Later Sergeant’ Lee Young-jae, what will be the second act of his life from now on?

Lee Young-jae was selected not only in the K-League but also in the national team and acknowledged his ability. He started playing for the U-21 national team in 2014 and scored 4 points in 20 games for the age group. His national team made his debut in December 2019 at the ‘EAFF E-1 Championship’. Immediately after his enlistment, he was also selected and participated in battery training in December 2021 and the ‘EAFF E-1 Championship’ in July 2022.

Lee Young-jae said, “Every soccer player dreams of having the Taegeuk mark. It seems that the more I play, the more my desire for the national team grows. However, in order to achieve your dream, you need to grow and be recognized in the K-League first. I will do my best to be evaluated as the best player in the K-League.” 메이저사이트

On June 26, Lee Young-jae plans to return to Suwon FC, his former team after being discharged from the military. Since he is discharged during the season, he is spurring further preparations for his comeback. Lee Young-jae said, “The time right now is really important. He believes that he can do well even after returning to his original team only when he shows good performance in Gimcheon. While doing his best in Gimcheon, he tries to watch Suwon FC’s games every time,” he said, expressing his affection for his original team.

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