K7 League participant IEMU11, which started as an alumnus of Sangmyung University, not only plays soccer but also engages in social contribution activities.

The fourth round of the K7 Seocho-gu C Division League for the 2023 season was held at Banpo Sports Complex on the 6th. IEMU11 from Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, who had won two consecutive matches, lost 0-2 to FC Okinawa from Seocho-gu, Seoul in the fourth round.

IEMU11 was founded in 2011 as an allied club of the Department of Business Administration, Department of Economics and Finance, and Department of Global Management at Sangmyung University’s School of Global Management. The team name IMEU stands for International Economics Management United. The 11 stands for 11 people playing soccer.

IEMU11 is a large team with about 200 members. There are no athletes on the team, only members from the general public. Initially, the team started with alumni of Sangmyung University, but recently, the team has been recruiting non-alumni as well. The ratio of alumni to outsiders is 9:1, and the team is divided into OB and YB teams according to age. In the K7 League, the best players from the OB and YB teams compete.

On IMEU11’s social media channels, the team’s tagline reads, “More than just soccer”. In addition to soccer, IMEU11 engages in various social contribution activities such as youth service, service to the underprivileged, community service, and donations.

The team has signed an MOU with the Hong Eun-dong Social Welfare Center in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, to continue its local volunteer activities, and recently created an organization called ‘Youth Benefit’ to continue its social contribution activities. The YB team is mainly responsible for social contribution activities.

IEMU11 captain Yoo Yeon-jin met with the Korea Football Association and said, “Of course, winning a soccer match is important. However, we also value volunteer work with our teammates.” “We started as a school club, so not only boys but also girls are members of the club. Usually, the boys play and the girls come to cheer. We started volunteering after thinking about what activities we could do together besides cheering,” he said.

‘Club for life’ is the philosophy of IMEU11. The players range from graduates of class 01 to freshmen of class 23. “Some players have been with us since the beginning, and there are many younger students. It’s a place where history continues,” she said confidently. 꽁머니사이트

“After every practice and game, we take pictures and share them with the parents of the students and a group chat room of about 80 players. Once a year, we also make merchandise, such as mufflers, key rings, and mousepads, and send them to parents. Parents also follow their children’s activities and come to the games to cheer them on.”

The 2023 K7 Seocho-gu C Division League is now down to one last game. “We want to win the next game, which is the last game of the year, to raise our spirits. Next year, we want to be promoted to K6,” she said, expressing her excitement for the 2024 season. With two wins and two losses, including this game, IEMU11 is in third place in the K7 Seocho-gu C Division League.

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