Professional baseball legends donated their talents to youth.

On the 5th, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced that six professional coaching staff, including Jang Jong-hoon, Kim Dong-soo, Lee Jong-yeol, Cha Myung-ju, Hong Min-gu, and Kim Min-woo, who are participating in the 2023 KBO Next-Level Training Camp, were at Busan Gijang-gun Little Softball Baseball Field the day before. I had a meaningful time teaching the basic posture of baseball such as pitching, batting, defense, and catch ball to 32 students from the players’ and hobby’s classes of the Little Baseball Team in Yeonje-gu.’

According to KBO, after the talent donation time, the coaching staff held an autograph session and photo time for young players and their parents, and also had a mentoring time where young players were asked questions about their usual baseball games and passed on their experiences and know-how. . 바카라사이트

Gijang-gun Little Baseball Team’s first year junior high school player Jo In-seong, who participated in the talent donation event, said, “It was such an honor to learn from the legendary coaches, and it was so nice to be able to train happily through a systematic program.”

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