Jeong Yong-jin, owner of SSG Landers, prepared a dinner for the players.

On the 2nd, Kwang-Hyun Kim posted a photo of himself invited by owner Yong-Jin Jeong through his personal SNS. He also posted a photo of himself with teammates such as Seo Jin-yong, Ko Hyo-jun (Lee Sang-soo), Kim Seong-hyun, and Oh Tae-gon (Lee Sang-beast).

Ahead of the meal prepared by owner Jeong, Tae-gon Oh also left a proof shot. A delicious dinner is ready. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “Thank you.” He then boasted, “I ate well and even received a ring as a gift.” “I was invited on the 1st,” said Jin-yong Seo, the closer pitcher who sat with him.

Kim Gwang-hyun said, “The owner invited players who had not visited the kitchen in threes and threes.” “Yesterday was a day off, so I visited with my colleagues in the evening. Thank you for always taking care of the players directly during the season.”

Kim Gwang-hyun achieved 150 wins in his personal career, which he achieved with 1 run in 5 innings in the opening game against KIA on the 1st of last month. A total of four pitchers have recorded 150 wins in the KBO league, from Song Jin-woo (former Hanwha) in the 2002 season to Yang Hyeon-jong (KIA) in the 2022 season. Kwang-Hyun Kim is the 5th. It is also at least 150 wins.

In many ways, preparing a dinner for the players is meaningful, and it can motivate the players. The owner prepares a dinner for the players every year. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

In addition to the dinner party, owner Jung constantly takes care of the players. During home games, he meets and encourages the players in person. Take the time to visit SSG Landers Field before the game and cheer on the players until the game is over.

Owner Chung has been steadily taking care of the players every year. Veteran pitcher Noh Kyung-eun said, “He always gives thanks. When I come to the baseball field, they always cheer me on and go. Thank you, cool, thank you. He gave me a lot of encouragement.”

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