Koo Ja-cheol (34, Jeju United), who returned to the domestic stage last year, is confident of a rebound in the new season. It is a will to add strength to Jeju, which is trying to break the Yanggang structure led by Hyundai (Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai).

Koo Ja-cheol served as a commentator during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar at the end of last year. Koo Ja-cheol, who attended the 2023 season K-League winter field training media day held at Parev Hotel in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do on the 7th, said, “It is easy to continue (during soccer and broadcasting). As for the commentary, he looked back at the World Cup and said, “It was a happy time because the players produced (good) results.”

Koo Ja-cheol, who had experience as a commentator, came back sweating in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the second season after his return. “I think it will be an exciting season,” he said. “I returned to Korea (after field training) without problems with my muscles or physical condition. I am sure that if he can be on the ground consistently without injury, he will help the team.”

After 11 years of living in Europe, Koo Ja-cheol joined Jeju last year and returned to the K-League. He entered the age of 30, but public expectations were high because he was still proud of his skills. However, Koo Ja-cheol suffered from frequent injuries and poor physical condition last year. He scored 1 goal and 1 assist in 9 league matches.

But this season is off to a good start. Jeju coach Nam Ki-il said, “Ja-cheol Koo always has a good influence on the team.” He is preparing for the season very well. He is maintaining the condition that many people expect.”

Koo Ja-cheol, who has been in his second year since returning to the K-League, said, “I am the one who proves the coach’s expectations. We will do our best so that Jeju United can establish itself as a team that represents the region to the people of Jeju. I want to give back the love I received to make the fans happy.”
Ahead of the new season, Jeju’s eyes are on the top. It is a will to jump into the competition to win the K-League 1, which has become hardened by Hyundai. Jeju, which took fourth place in the league in the 2021 season, emerged as a counterhorse to Jeonbuk and Ulsan. This is because it has top-notch power and was able to receive support from parent company SK Energy. However, Jeju had a rather disappointing year by finishing last season in 5th place.

Still, he is burning his will to challenge for the presidency again. Coach Nam Ki-il said, “I said from last season that we will make Jeju a team that will break the Yanggang structure of the K-League. We will continue to knock on the door this season,” he said. “Our goal is to finish second in the K-League. We must continue to take on challenges without fear this season. The club is creating good players and an environment. I will move forward so that I can rise to the top this season as well.”

It’s not an easy mission. Jeju Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan Hyundai), who scored 17 goals last year, left the team ahead of the 2023 season. 온라인바카라 Zerso (Incheon United), considered the best crack in the K-League, also wore a Pagum (blue + black) uniform. A number of foreign players and outstanding domestic resources such as Hays and Yuri have joined, but there is a task to strengthen the organization again.

Koo Ja-cheol, who expressed regret at Ju Min-gyu and Zerso’s absence, said, “In soccer, goals must be scored to win. Bringing 3 points (constantly) is important in breaking the Yanggang-do between the two teams,” he said. “We have to go out with a solid appearance as a team. I confirmed last year that Jeju is a capable team. I felt that there are many good players in training. We have to play a lot of games where we move as a team and score goals.”

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