Jeju United has released the team number for the 2023 season.

Ahead of the opening of the 2023 K-League 1, Jeju decided on the uniform number of the team through a voluntary consultation process. The uniform numbers of existing players such as captain Choi Young-Jun (No. 6), Kim Dong-Jun (No. 1), Lee Chang-Min (No. 8), Jeong Woon (No. 13), Ahn Hyun-Beom (No. 17), Kim Ju-Gong (No. 19), and Kim Bong-Soo (No. 30) There is no big change.

The owner of number 31 does not change either. Jeju decided to skip number 31 for one season in the 2023 season in order to pray for the recovery of Yoo Yeon-soo, who is struggling to rehabilitate after suffering an unexpected car accident last year. Number 31 is the same uniform number as his trademark that Yoo Yeon-soo has been using since his professional debut in 2020.

Some players dream of reversing the atmosphere through change. Koo Ja-cheol, who wore number 42 during his rookie season with his return to the K-League last year, will wear the number 7 uniform he wore when he played his best role in Jeju in order to make a perfect comeback this season. 온라인바카라

The uniform numbers of players who were ambitiously recruited were also confirmed. Lim Chae-min, the ‘big fish’ in the transfer market this winter, wore number 26, which he continued to use during his K-League days, Yeon Je-woon (3), Yuri (9), Hayes (10), Kim Seung-seop (11), and Kim Hyung-geun (21). ) Lee Ju-yong (number 32) also received their preferred number. Ling, who wore number 10 last year, gave up his uniform number to Hayes and chose number 15 to achieve his goal of 15 attack points. 카지노

Captain Choi Yeong-joon said, “Everyone is satisfied and given a uniform number that strengthens their will, so the atmosphere is quite good. In particular, I am very proud as a captain that all the players suggest a withdrawal with the mindset of training and have the mindset to play together. It’s amazing. I will play with Yeonsu on the ground.”

Manager Ki-il Nam said, “From the uniform number decision, the trust and trust between the players can be seen. For Yeon-soo, who is undergoing rehabilitation, I left the number 31 for the 2023 season. This year, all members of Jeju will play with Yeon-su. I wish Yeon-soo a speedy recovery.” said.

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