Following last year, another tragedy occurred: a stampede at the soccer field.

French media AFP reported on the afternoon of the 20th (local time), citing local media, “A crowd of people gathered in the process of entering a soccer field in El Salvador, Central and South America, and at least nine people were crushed.”

According to reports, soccer fans who came to watch a match between Alianza and Paz in the local pro league at a soccer field in Cuscatlan, El Salvador, were pushed and fell while entering the stadium and were crushed by the crowd.

So far, nine people have been crushed to death, and while several others have been transported to the hospital with injuries, two are found to be in critical condition.

El Salvador is a soccer-popular country in Central America. The El Salvador national team will play a friendly match against Korea next month in Daejeon.

The tragedy came less than a year after a horrific accident that killed more than 100 people in an Indonesian soccer field on the 10th of last year in a stampede. 스포츠토토

In October of last year, a crushing accident occurred in the match between Arema and Persebaya in the 11th round of the Indonesian League 1 in the 2022/23 season held at Kanjuruhan Stadium in Indonesia.

When Arema lost 2-3, angry Arema fans stormed into the stadium and the police were brought in to quell them. The police decided to use tear gas to subdue the excited fans.

When tear gas was fired, numerous fans in the stadium rushed to the exit to leave the stadium, and in the process, suffocation and crushing accidents occurred.

As a result of this incident, 135 people died and 583 people were transported to hospitals for treatment.

The ‘Kanjuruhan Disaster’ in Indonesia was recorded in football history as a tragic event with the most deaths after the ‘Estadio Nacional Stadium Disaster’ in May 1964 in Lima, Peru, in which 328 people died.

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