In the future, the quality of artificial turf must be secured to hold official soccer tournaments. KFA (Korea Football Association) signed a business agreement ceremony for artificial turf certification with the Korea Conformity Laboratories accredited by FIFA (International Football Federation) at the Soccer Hall on the 21st.

According to the agreement, if an official game is to be held on an artificial turf playground from 2026, it must be certified by the Korea Football Association in advance. Although the implementation of the system is three years later, considering that artificial turf has a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, it is necessary to obtain certification in advance when new artificial turf is installed in stadiums from this year.

The artificial turf certification system is divided into two types: product certification and stadium certification. For product certification, when an artificial turf manufacturer applies, KFA requests an inspection from the Korea Conformity Laboratories to classify the quality of artificial turf into grades 1 to 3.

Stadium certification is for local governments that own artificial turf playgrounds to apply to the KFA before holding competitions and receive certification. According to the regulations of the certification system, all games, such as national soccer team games and the K-League, can be played in stadiums with first-class artificial turf. Level 2 can hold matches below the K3, K4, and WK leagues, and only elementary, middle, high school, and university level matches are allowed on Level 3 artificial turf. Both the product certification and stadium certification are valid for two years.

Mong-gyu Chung (61), president of KFA, who attended the signing ceremony, said, “Currently, more than 90% of domestic amateur soccer games are held on artificial turf playgrounds. 메이저사이트 However, due to poor management, players are often injured, and there are many cases that hinder the improvement of skills.” He added, “The certification system will ultimately contribute to enhancing the technological competitiveness of Korean football by inducing investment from artificial turf manufacturers and local governments that have playgrounds.”

Meanwhile, the Korea Professional Football Federation is also implementing a ground certification system to manage the quality of artificial turf playgrounds where professional youth team games are held. KFA is discussing building an integrated certification system together to prevent confusion.

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