Manager Frank Lampard, who saved Everton from relegation last season, is in danger of being sacked less than a year after taking office.

British media Sky Sports reported on the 23rd (Korean time), “Director Lampard has been in charge of Everton for less than a year, but is expected to be sacked sooner or later.”

Lampard, who led Derby County and Chelsea in the past, was appointed to Everton, which was in danger of relegation in January of last year, and dramatically succeeded in staying in the Premier League, but recently faced a hardship crisis due to poor performance.

Everton are in 19th place in the league, in the relegation zone, with only 15 points (3 wins, 6 draws, 11 losses) in 20 games in the Premier League in the 2022/23 season.

Everton is in need of a rebound, but not only has it suffered three consecutive league losses recently, but patience with coach Lampard is reaching its limit as the last league victory was in October of last year.

Sky Sports reporter Vinny O’Connor said, “Sack Lampard is inevitable. We know that sooner or later an announcement will be made that Lampard will leave Everton.”

Reporter O’Connor explained, “The reason for the hardship is understandable. Everton, which was in the relegation zone last season, is once again in the relegation zone.” .메이저사이트

“If you look at Everton’s games in recent weeks, they have made mistakes in defense and are not sharp in attack,” he added.

Lampard, a Chelsea legend and midfielder who represented the Premier League, began his second life in 2018 when he took over as manager of Derby County, which belonged to the second division at the time.

Coach Lampard, who was recognized for his leadership by leading Derby to the promotion playoffs, has been leading Chelsea, his former team since 2019, and despite the adverse conditions of a recruitment ban, finished the 2019/20 season in 4th place in the league, showing expectations for the future.

However, due to poor performance in the next season, he was hardened in January 2021, and after taking a break for a year, he took over as manager of Everton and saved the team from relegation, but he was in danger of being hardened less than a year after taking office.

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