The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has decided to send a power analysis team to practice games in each country to identify the opponents of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team.

On the 24th, KBO said, “The WBC power analysis team conducted power analysis while observing the Dutch practice game in the United States.” Before the opening of the WBC, we will observe the practice matches of Australia, Japan, Czech Republic, and China, which will face Korea in the first round, and closely analyze the opponent’s strength.”

A power analysis of the Group A countries preparing for the tournament in Taiwan is also conducted at the same time. 바카라사이트 Heo Sam-young, who led the Samsung Lions until last year and served as the head of the power analysis team, will depart for Taiwan on the 25th. Commissioner Huh plans to analyze the strength of Taiwan, Cuba, the Netherlands, Italy and Panama, which Korea will face if it advances to the quarterfinals.

KBO has previously explored the strength of its opponents held abroad six times, including the Japan-Australia national team evaluation match. KBO said, “Videos and data collected on a pitch-by-pitching basis are linked with related data, and players can search for videos by entering desired conditions through the tablet PC provided to the national team players.” It also provides visualized data of various data such as individual strengths and weaknesses and team tendencies so that players can acquire information about opponents.”

The WBC power analysis team will invest a total of 9 people to directly analyze all matches in the rounds in Taiwan and Japan, and prepare for the Korean national team to show their best performance in the preliminaries and quarterfinals.

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