Professional basketball Goyang Carrot guard Lee Jung-hyun (1m87cm) and Suwon KT center Ha Yun-gi (24 2m3.5cm) have been rivals since elementary school. The two, who made their names nationwide as promising basketball players, became close when they participated in a basketball camp in China when they were elementary school students. The two, who have maintained their friendship until now as adults, have a special relationship that is busy teasing and teasing each other when they meet.

In a recent joint interview conducted by Ilgan Sports at the Goyang Gymnasium, Lee Jung-hyun and Ha Yoon-gi were delighted as they held hands as soon as they met. When the season is in progress, it is said that it is not easy to meet separately. Ha Yoon-gi greeted me with a cheeky smile, saying, “Hey, Jeong-hyeon.” Then Lee Jung-hyun made fun of his friend by copying Ha Yoon-gi’s ridiculous dance in the KT club’s SNS (social media) video.

Lee Jung-hyun said, “I don’t see Yoongi often. He can only be seen briefly when he is playing. It’s a short time, but it tells quite a lot. I’m kidding,” he laughed. Ha Yoon-ki said, “When we meet in the off-season, we sometimes drink. We listen to each other’s stories about how we’re doing, and we talk about our hardships.” Lee Jung-hyun’s drinking capacity is one bottle of soju, and Ha Yoon-gi’s drinking capacity is two bottles of soju.

Our first memories of each other were ‘children who are good at basketball’. Ha Yoon-gi said, “Jung-hyeon was a forward when he was in elementary school. Jung Hyun did better than me. I was standing under the goal. After getting to know her, she was a very nice and fun friend,” she said. Lee Jung-hyun, who heard the story, said, “I played forward, guard, and center regardless of position.” “Yoongi was tall even then. She is reliable but actually has a lot of cute corners,” he laughed.온라인바카라

Lee Jung-hyun and Ha Yoon-ki have been competing on rival teams since they were students. Lee Jeong-hyun graduated from Gunsan High School – Yonsei University, and Ha Yoon-ki graduated from Samil Commercial High School – Korea University. Ha Yoon-gi said, “I have never beaten Yonsei University since my third year at university. I hated Jung Hyun because he was so good at it.” Lee Jung-hyun said, “We won a lot against Korea University. I’ve never been embarrassed or anything like that. I had to win the game against Korea University unconditionally,” he said shyly.

After conquering the college stage, they were nominated side by side for the pros. In the 2021 rookie draft, Ha Yoon-gi was nominated by KT in the 1st round as the 2nd pick, and Lee Jung-hyun w

The competition in the pro is close. KT, where Ha Yoon-gi belongs, is strong against Carrot. Last season, they recorded 5 wins and 1 loss, and are leading this season with 2 wins and 1 loss. Lee Jung-hyun has a good personal record when facing KT. He averages 22 points after appearing in three games against KT this season. Ha Yoon-ki and Lee Jung-hyun laughed out loud, saying, “When we meet before the game starts or at halftime after the second quarter, we joke with each other, saying, ‘Do it properly’, ‘Let’s take it lightly’, and ‘Stop inserting it’.”

Lee Jung-hyun became the league’s representative guard. Ha Yoon-ki said, “Jung-hyeon’s strength is his ‘strong heart’, just as he was when he was young. Maid ability is good at important moments or when the shot clock (attack time limit of 24 seconds) is almost over. He played both offense and defense. He has no weaknesses whatsoever. He is a player that is not easy to block.”

Lee Jung-hyun said, “Thanks to Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi, we are recording good results this season. He gave me a lot of roles and plenty of playing time. A lot of orders say, ‘Throw a shot unconditionally’. I am learning a lot while being scolded by director Kim Seung-gi about the parts that I evaluate as lacking.”

as nominated in the 3rd place by Goyang Orion (now Carrot). grown as expected. He has established himself as the team’s central player. There is no jinx that lowers grades in the second year. As he completes his adaptation period, he is recording better results than in his rookie year with improved skills

Ha Yoon-gi, who is called ‘Baby Hulk’ for his overflowing elasticity and height, is growing into a center representing the league. Lee Jung-hyun said, “The overwhelming height from under the goal and the dunk shot are strengths. He’s been throwing a lot of middle range shots lately. It feels good to see the development of radiance. The play under the goal was always good. It’s no surprise that he’s doing well now. But the pick-and-roll defense is a weakness,” he laughed.

Lee Jung-hyun and Ha Yoon-gi, born in 1999, the ‘future of Korean basketball’, are determined to make the Year of the Cat their own. Lee Jung-hyun said, “I greeted the New Year while listening to the sound of the Bosingak bell on TV. Isn’t it the year of the rabbit? I hope I can shine more than other years.” Ha Yoon-ki said, “I get a lot of stress and anxiety when I don’t play basketball. As it is the year of the rabbit, I hope you will receive good energy.”

My new year’s wish is to finish the season without injury. Lee Jung-hyun said, “Contrary to my expectations before the season, I feel that I am getting good results this season. He has lost a lot of games unfortunately. He wants to develop through experience. It is my New Year’s wish to finish this season without injury.” Ha Yoon-ki said, “I hope everyone around me is healthy and happy. It is my wish as a stepmother to get good grades without getting injured.”

On New Year’s Day, they also exchanged good wishes to each other. Lee Jung-hyun said, “I’m doing well, so I hope you don’t feel anxious. I hope I do well with Carrot. And I will wait for the 6 million won I received from the All-Star game (as prize money for the best player and dunk shot contest) to shoot. Even if it takes a long time, I will continue to look forward to it.” Ha Yoon-gi said, “I want to be gentle when I meet KT. Don’t get hurt, and I hope the season ends well.”


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