“There is no absolute ace, let alone an active big leaguer”. 

Japanese sports media ‘Sponichi Annex’ analyzed the power of the Korean national team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) led by coach Lee Kang-cheol and cited the weakening of the starting lineup as a weakness. The media analyzed Lee Kang-cheol’s strengths and weaknesses by synthesizing the opinions of Masaya Muroi, who is active as the author of the Japanese version of the Korean professional baseball guidebook. 

The media pointed out, “Compared to past international competitions, the starting pitcher’s awareness, career, and trust are all low,” and “there is no absolute ace as well as active big leaguers.” “Last year, right-hander An Woo-jin, who won two gold medals with 15 wins, an average ERA of 2.11 and 224 strikeouts, was not selected for the national team due to controversy over school violence during high school,” he added.  토토사이트

Compared to the past national team, the weight of the starters is lower, but the power of the fighting team is excellent, the analysis of this media is. LG Jung Woo-young and Ko Woo-seok were selected as targets to be wary of. 

‘Sponichi Annex’ said, “In October of last year, when coach Hideki Kuriyama of Samurai Japan visited Korea for power analysis, two pitchers appeared. It reaches 90%. It is a style that overwhelms with restraint rather than control.”  

At the time, after watching Jung Woo-young’s pitching, coach Kuriyama said, “I’m afraid of pitchers who don’t know where they’re coming from,” the media reported. 

In addition, “Ko Woo-seok took 42 saves last year and ranked first in this category. He throws a fastball in the second half of 150 km as his main weapon and throws a breaking ball. I am determined to solve that regret in this tournament,” he added

. ‘Sponich Annex’ said of coach Lee Kang-cheol, who took the helm of the national team, “He was a great pitcher who won 152 total wins, 4th in KBO history during his active career. Since 2019, KT He is in charge of coaching and has a lot of leadership experience, such as pitching coach. In particular, he was recognized for his ability, such as leading KT’s integrated championship in 2021. As a pitcher, he is very good at managing the mound.

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