The Lotte Giants have been selected as a 2023 Labor-Management Culture Excellence Company.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor selects companies that exemplify a win-win labor-management culture through cooperative labor-management partnerships.

The Giants were selected as a certified company in the large company category in 2023 for their efforts to maximize flexible labor-management relations, establish a culture of participation, bridge the wage gap, actively foster talent, create a comfortable working environment, and fulfill their social responsibilities. This is the first time a professional sports team has received this award from the Ministry of Employment and Labor. 토토사이트

Kim Jung-hwan, head of the LOTTE Giants Labor-Management Council, said, “LOTTE Giants is a small company with only 50 employees, but we are loved by many people across the country. Thanks to this award, we will reward many people with a more unified labor-management culture.”

Meanwhile, before the home game on the 3rd, Lee Kang-hoon, CEO of the club, and Kim Jung-hwan, head of the labor-management council, held a certificate delivery ceremony and certification plaque unveiling ceremony with Yang Yang-pil, head of the Busan Regional Employment and Labor Office.

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