The movements of the Hungarian bombers are unusual. Martin Adam made Ulsan Hyundai look forward to a second consecutive league championship with a lighter appearance than last season.

Adam is a goalkeeper ambitiously recruited by Ulsan in the middle of last season (summer). He played in 14 league appearances, scoring 9 goals and 4 assists, serving as the winning contract. In particular, he scored 1 goal and 1 assist in an away game against Gangwon FC on October 16, helping Ulsan regain the trophy after 17 years.

Adam brought out an unexpected story in the final match of the league against Jeju United. He said, “I drank soju alone after the Gangwon match. He went into the store and made a purchase. I am weak against Korean soju,” he said, sticking out his tongue at the taste of K-soju.

Last season ended prematurely due to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Adam, who took a break after returning to Hungary, joined the Ulsan team training on the 3rd.

Ulsan held team training at Bangeojin Sports Park on the 11th and 12th. Adam was also sweating. Coach Hong Myung-bo said, “The players have been building their bodies well during the break. It’s not 100% yet, but I’m satisfied with the attitude and physical condition of the players in training.” 바카라사이트

Adam, for example, was like that. The morning training lasted about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Since the opening of the season was still far away, the players focused on recovering their personal condition and checking their basic physical condition rather than detailed tactics. At the end of the training, we divided into four groups and played a mini-game.

Adam was placed in the forefront and was busy moving. It looked slimmer than last season. A striking scene emerged. He turned around with his back in front of the opponent’s gate and fired a heavy left-footed shot after a concise one-touch. The ball hit the goal post.

Adam scored with penalties and headers in every decisive moment last season. As you know, powerful shooting is the main weapon. He doesn’t have many opportunities to show off because he plays with his back in real life. If you watch Ulsan’s practice, he boasts a fierce shooting that even his teammates are terrified.

After laughing, director Hong Myung-bo said, “I told Adam to lose weight…” and then joked, “Isn’t it a bit like asking someone like that (with a solid build) to lose weight?”

Ulsan has prepared a plan to take advantage of Adam’s strengths. We brought Joo Min-gyu, the proven scorer in the K-League 1, ‘Salmon’. Joo Min-gyu, who has been sailing to the East Sea by boat, is also in the midst of quenching for the new season.

Director Hong Myung-bo suggested how to use it. He said, “There is even Mingyu Co., Ltd. in Adam. Both one-top and two-top are considered. You have to prepare an offensive player and give him help (to both players). The two styles are similar, but we need to find a way to coexist,” suggesting various combinations.

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