The SBS variety show (hereafter referred to as ), in which female celebrities form a team to play soccer, is gaining sensational popularity. The appearance of the performers who do their best for the team’s victory is literally ‘girl crush’. It is even admirable to see those who do not give up even when injured. Soccer is the most familiar among ball games for men and women of all ages, but it was a sport with a high barrier to entry for women. This is because it requires intense physical fighting and extreme stamina. But things have changed. Thanks to the popularity of , mini-soccer and futsal, which are easy for women to enter, are attracting attention. More and more women are saying, “I can kick a ball too.”
The number of women who actually played soccer increased. According to the National Statistics Portal, the female population in their 10s to 40s who experienced soccer increased from 3.6% in 2019 to 3.7% in 2020 and 4.1% in 2021. The Korea Futsal Federation divided the 2022 women’s league into divisions 1 and 2, reflecting the growing number of women’s futsal. In addition, the K-League Women’s Futsal Competition Queen Cup (K-WIN CUP), which was held as a female college student club soccer tournament until 2021, has been expanded to an adult women’s futsal competition for all ages, so that K-League clubs can directly select all players and form teams to compete. reorganized Sales of women’s soccer equipment also increased. According to the online shopping mall Gmarket, sales of women’s soccer products for a month from May 14, 2022 to June 14 increased by 42% compared to the previous year. Sales of futsal shoes are known to have tripled (293%).

Unlike the past, when sports were enjoyed according to gender, anyone can enter the sport if they have the will. In particular, futsal is rapidly breaking down the gender barriers that existed in the sports world. The reason why women fall in love with futsal is that they experience strengthening teamwork through team sports that have not been easily encountered. One of the charms of futsal is that it is easy to learn because it is smaller than soccer, and that you get a great sense of achievement through the experience of consuming energy while running.

Futsal is similar to soccer in terms of overall rules and game, but there are differences. Futsal is played on a field much smaller than a soccer field (40m wide by 20m long). It is about 1/4 the size of a regular soccer field. The number of people playing the game is also different. Soccer is played by 11 players, and a total of 3 substitutions are allowed during the game. Futsal is played with 5 players and players can be replaced at any time. The size of the ball also differs. Soccer uses a number 5 ball and futsal uses a smaller number 4 ball. Futsal is known to use a ball with low elasticity because the playing field is small. In futsal, the name of each position is ‘Goleiro’ for the goalkeeper, ‘Pixo’ for the defender who is in charge of defense and ball distribution, ‘Ara’ for the side striker, and ‘Pivo’ for the center striker.
Futsal matches are played for 20 minutes each in the first half and second half. It consists of 5 players, 4 field players and 1 golayro. If the ball is out of the field line, play is stopped and the game usually lasts for more than 30 minutes. It also stops time when a penalty kick or free kick is awarded. Players may take a break not exceeding 10 minutes during halftime. The operation time for the first half and the second half is 1 minute, and teams can refine their strategies after requesting to the referee. Compared to soccer, it is a fast-paced sport and you cannot relax until the very end. This is because scoring can occur even with 10 seconds remaining. When the ball goes out to the side, it proceeds with kick-in (restarting the game by kicking it). A kick-in is when the ball is stamped on the white line and kicked. The rule of thumb is similar to football. Two warnings are sent off, and serious fouls are sent off immediately. Compared to soccer, futsal has fewer players and a smaller field, so there are many opportunities to pass the ball. In addition, since there are almost no aerial balls, there is no disadvantage compared to regular soccer in terms of physicality.

As the demand for futsal increased, the barrier to entry into the futsal class also decreased. It is also true that classes for women are being operated all over the country. It is known that from teenagers to housewives, they are starting to play futsal. There are about 60 domestic women’s futsal teams registered with the Korea Football Association (KFA), with about 700 members. It is estimated that around 7,000 women enjoy futsal, including unregistered players. Futsal classes are usually run as introductory, basic, and advanced classes. There is also a one-day class for women who have never kicked a ball before. After acquiring the basic skills, the next step is to belong to a team that recruits club members and participate in games regularly.
Futsal beginners worry the most about futsal shoes. Futsal shoes have flat soles compared to soccer shoes. Unlike soccer boots that use plastic or nylon fibers, they are made of rubber and have several small, low rubber studs (protruding parts on the sole). Futsal shoes come out shorter in the ball of the foot and overall length compared to general sneakers. 바카라사이트 Therefore, it is better to try on the shoes you normally wear and choose the futsal shoes that fit your feet. The key to choosing futsal shoes is fit. Since it is a sport that requires active use of the feet, the shoes that are less uncomfortable when moving the feet are the best futsal shoes for me.

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