It has been reported that Kim Min-jae’s camp and Bayern Munich met in Lisbon, Portugal.

Italy’s Il Matino quoted a report from Germany’s Bild as saying, “Kim Min-jae and Munich are getting closer. Marco Neppe, Munich’s technical director, and Kim Min-jae’s agent held a meeting in Lisbon. This is a face-to-face meeting to finalize an agreement that would allow Munich to overtake Manchester United in the race to sign the player.”

The media outlet continued, “Kim’s side has accepted Munich’s offer. The Bavarians are confident in the deal, which will tie him to a contract until 2028 and will pay him €10 million a year. A date has also been set to coincide with when Napoli’s official offer of €50 million ($71.3 billion) for Kim’s buyout will be made and when the player completes basic military training, which is when the buyout clause can be triggered.”

Kim Min-jae, who has been on the radar of United since midseason, was recently linked to Munich. It was reported that the Bavarians were looking to sign the defender, who is considered to be relatively cheap for his quality, as a backup for their defensive exodus. München are reportedly willing to pay Kim’s buyout and offer him a huge salary. A series of reports from leading overseas media outlets claimed that Munich was leading the race to sign Kim, raising the possibility of Kim joining Munich.

It was reported that Manchester City were interested in the player, which seemed to change the outcome of the transfer, but the locals are still convinced that the player will go to Munich.

German media outlet ‘TZ’ reported, “Munich’s task force must swiftly take action as Man City could intervene in the signing of Kim Min-jae. In addition to Manchester United and Newcastle United, City are currently showing interest in signing Kim,” while adding, “The deal between Munich and Kim is not finalized, but it is heading in the right direction,” making a positive outlook on Kim’s move to Munich.

A journalist who is familiar with Munich news also confirmed the news. Florian Plettenberg, who works for Germany’s Sky Sports and is well versed in Munich’s inner circle, told Sky Sports: “Kim Min-jae’s move to Munich is imminent. “Kim Min-jae is likely to move to Munich in the near future. According to our information, Munich want to finalize the signing of Kim Min-jae in the next few days. Also, Kim has made it clear that he wants to go to Munich!” and that Kim’s move to Munich will go ahead as planned.

Furthermore, Napoli’s name has disappeared from the player’s social media profiles, further increasing fan excitement. German media outlet Bild reported, “Kim’s contract at Napoli runs until 2025, but he recently removed information about the club from his social media profiles. Not long ago, Kim was a Napoli player, but now only his wife’s account remains on his profile,” 메이저사이트 noting that Kim’s social media profile has changed.

Soccer players often tag the accounts of the clubs they play for in their profiles to show their affiliation. When Kim Min-jae moved to Napoli, he tagged the official Napoli account on his social media profiles to show his affiliation with the club. However, the recent disappearance of Napoli from Kim Min-jae’s social media profiles has Bayern Munich fans, including Bild, up in arms.

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