Manchester United will now go all out to sign Rasmus Höwelun.

United have made it a priority to strengthen their striker and goalkeeping positions in the summer transfer window. They felt the absence of a frontline striker last season, and the lack of buildup and stability of David de Gea at the back of the defense.

The search for a goalkeeper was spurred on by the departure of De Gea, who was expected to sign a new contract. European soccer transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, who works for the British newspaper The Guardian, broke the news of Inter Milan goalkeeper Andre Onana’s arrival on Sunday (July 17) via his personal social media accounts. Romano’s signature line, “Here We Go,” was included, effectively confirming the move.

With one task accomplished, the Red Devils are ready to tackle the next. That’s signing a striker. Their current target is Atalanta striker Hoyun. Considered to have good physicality and excellent goal-scoring ability, he has been called the “next Holland” due to his resemblance to similarly styled striker Elling Holland. With the Red Devils looking for a player with good goal-scoring ability, it’s no wonder they’re targeting him.

According to the Telegraph, “United are expected to step up their pursuit of Hoilearn after finalizing the Onana deal. With Marcus Rashford set to sign a new five-year contract, manager Eric ten Hagg is desperate to add firepower up front to ease the pressure on Rashford and has identified Hoyte as a top target.”

Hoilearn’s club Atalanta are reportedly looking for money, not a deal that includes the player. The problem is that signing Hoi Lun is a gamble. While he’s considered a high-potential player, he has yet to prove himself at the professional level, let alone gain enough experience. 안전놀이터

His price tag is high. The Telegraph explains that Atalanta are demanding £86 million for Höyülün’s transfer. It’s understandable that United would be reluctant to spend that much money on a signing that could be a gamble.

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