Basketball stars of the same age who dominated an era announced their retirements side by side on the same day. Yoon Ho-young (39), who spent 16 years as a pro at Wonju DB, and Kim Young-hwan (39), who served as Suwon KT’s “eldest brother,” have ended their active careers.

DB club and KT announced the retirement of Yoon Ho-young and Kim Young-hwan through press releases side by side on the 10th. Yoon Ho-young joined the DB in 2008 with the 3rd overall rookie draft, and has been active only in the DB for 16 years and has been loved as the franchise star of the team.

Yun Ho-young, who recorded 7.8 points, 4.4 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 516 games, built a triple tower with current DB coach Kim Joo-seong and foreign player Rod Benson in the 2011-2012 season, recording the most wins in KBL history (44 wins) and 16 consecutive wins. He led the regular league for the shortest period of time. Thanks to this performance, he was even selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the regular league.

However, in recent years, he has been unable to perform at his best due to injuries and has spent a lot of time on the bench. Yoon Ho-young delivered his retirement greetings through the club, saying, “Thanks to my loving family and the fans who always supported me, I was able to enjoy basketball so far. Thank you.” Yun Ho-young leaves for the United States soon and begins his leadership training. He decided to hold his retirement ceremony at the home opener of Wonju in the 2023-2024 season.

Kim Young-hwan, who played the role of KT’s ‘eternal captain’ with excellent leadership and outside shooting ability, also finished his 17-year career as a player. Kim Young-hwan, who started his professional life at KTF (predecessor of KT) in Busan after being nominated as the 8th pick in the 2007 draft, has been an example to his juniors with his sincerity and thorough self-management. Kim Young-hwan, who moved to Changwon LG through a trade in May 2012, returned to Busan KT in January 2017. 온라인카지노

Kim Young-hwan has been the captain of the team for over 10 years with his unique leadership and harmony. During his career 16 seasons, he appeared in 665 games, averaging 8.9 points and leaving a career 3-point success rate of 34.2%. Kim Young-hwan said, “It is a great honor to finish my career as a player in the team where I started my professional life, and I am grateful to the club and coach for allowing me to go on the path of a leader I have always dreamed of.” I will try my best,” he promised. Kim Young-hwan will transform into a coach and lead the juniors at KT from next season.

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